‎Over the last few weeks, I’ve been talking a LOT about teams…working with teams, team culture as a way to grow your business, why you shouldn’t do it all alone. If you’ve missed any of these articles or Periscopes, you’ll find links to everything just a little further down the page…

Today, we’re continuing this conversation about working with people and why I believe if you have a clear way to communicate, collaborate, and invest in these people determines

And man, it takes forever to find those people, sometimes longer than we expect, right? So, let’s keep people once we find them!

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In this episode I talk about:

  • Making that first investment in your business and hiring someone to help you
  • How to hire people and why it’s critical to get on board the hiring someone
  • Why even when you’re not creating something for sale, you still need help
  • What to do when you’re onboarding new hires
  • 3 ways to stay on track with your team
  • Tools to help your team collaborate and communicate better together

Plus you’ll find out why you can start all of these practices even if you don’t have a team yet…because really the habit, the system, the ritual only becomes easier to share with new people if you’ve got it together.

If you’ve been hanging around Periscope and on any of my latest scopes, then some of what I share may sound very familiar to you–since that’s what I’ve been talking about for the past week as I prep for a an all-new class I’m teaching on Training Your Launch Team.

Check out this class that’s great for bosses and team members…

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