Happy New Year!

I REALLY FEEL like the new year is in motion!  How about you?

I hope your first week of 2011 has been a good one!

Can you believe I’m spending the first week of 2011 doing some manual labor in Siberia?

Actually, I’m in Montreal at my Russian in-laws enjoying the snow with Mila.  I feel like Nanook of the North in this jacket and boots!

2011 marked the year where I started to embrace my strengths and talents–the ones that I’ve been pushing aside, ignoring, and completely avoiding for many years.  I’m still the same Anne, but I just couldn’t live life with only part of myself revealed to the world.  I knew I start sharing with you everything I know using my other half.

So what the heck happened, Anne?

Well, I made a bold realization that I am extremely passionate about helping your find and do you best work – and do more of it.  Not just once. But on a regular basis.  With Consistency.  This goes with absolutely any area of your life – from improving your health, to building your business, to managing your time, to pursuing your passions.

And now, I am going to start sharing with you the secrets to do the same thing I’ve managed to in all aspects of my life!  I never thought this would be possible, but here’s what’s happened: more money, more time, more happiness, travelling & working at the same time, more time with family, more freedom. Sound good? Read on.

How did I figure this out?

Early in 2009, I got the opportunity to work with a successful online entreneur Laura Roeder.  I joined her team in April as the project manager (we like Producer, cuz it sounds fancier).

Initially, I started working with Laura because I absolutely loved her simple, clear cut, down to earth style.  She is not pretentious or obnoxious or spammy like many of the online marketers I’d seen in the past.  And when we met, I knew we were like minded geeks who LOVED to figure out how other people did what worked.

Something interesting happened over months as I worked with Laura…. As you may have noticed, my posts and newsletters veered toward the mental side of getting in shape, changing your mindset, building healthy habits, how to choose the right teacher…the no-sweat strategies to getting in shape.  Then, I went even further to talk about getting over your fears, how to build momentum quickly, and how to achieve goals instead of just preparing for them.

The reason I did that wasn’t to serve myself, but to help you as you search for those internal sparks to change your own life.  We all need someone to show us how to do it–to hear a real story of someone who took specific real steps.

Working with Laura showed me that I loved being a Producer again.  I loved breaking down complex situations and projects into do-able, step by step actions.  I’ve been putting together shows and projects since I was a little girl — ask my sisters how many “Solid Gold” and talent shows I put together or made them perform.

The Big A-ha

Have you ever been in a situation where you just knew that you needed and wanted more?  You weren’t supposed to be in “this” type of relationship, job or life.  Well let me tell you, all those years that I quite honestly struggled, suffered and endured being a Producer or Project Manager in animation and visual effects…it wasn’t the job.  It was me.  I couldn’t see the bigger picture of what I was doing and how to honor my strengths & talents.  I simply slogged through most of my job experiences feeling like “this isn’t it.”   Have you ever been there?

All it took was for me to be in the “right” situation and the flourishing started effortlessly. But the truth is – all the work I’ve done to help myself and others change their mindset has paid off.  The same tools that helped me get back on my fitness track after Mila was born — helped me get back on my life track.

Now – I LOVE everything I do, am building my own business, partnering with an inspired entrepreneur, spending my time with a team that I LOVE.  And I still get to help others achieve their goals–online and offline.

How would you like to wake up tomorrow with a completely new outlook on life…with a plan in place to move forward consistently?

Then, Take This Action Step

So, today, I want to encourage you to think about the places in your life you want more…where you find yourself longing for something more.

Is there a situation you often think or say you “don’t like” or “want out of”?

Here’s a simple solution to the problem – in the form of a question: What would you do if you loved and were totally passionate about your (job, mate, house, business, children, career)? What if you woke up tomorrow and you actually loved all those things you are kind of bummed about right now? What would you do differently?  How would you behave?

Now, I know there are going to be areas of your life that you should do house cleaning in — not everything can be “reframed or revised” and not overnight…sometimes you do just have to purge.  But before you do that, take a moment and ask yourself these questions.

  1. What would you do if you loved and were totally passionate about your (job, mate, house, business, children, career)?
  2. What if you woke up tomorrow and you actually loved all those things you are kind of bummed about right now?
  3. What would you do differently?
  4. How would you behave?

Leave your answers below – I’d love to know what comes out of your personal Q & A.  And if you’re not quite ready to answer those questions, leave a message anyways… What specific support do you need RIGHT NOW to start putting your life in motion?

Last Words: Stop Torturing Yourself!