How To Get Beyond Preparation

You feel so ready to reach your goal it isn’t even funny.  I mean, you are good to go. Seriously pumped.  You feel like a kid again, with all your back-to-school tools in place.  You haven’t forgotten a thing:

  1. All the new shiny tools you need to succeed
  2. A new journal to track your progress
  3. Your calendar to plot out what you’ll do each day
  4. You’ve got your books & other resources to answer questions as you need them
  5. You have an accountability partner
  6. You even hired a coach

You are primed to move forward and take action right now.  You can feel it. This is it. It’s finally going to happen.

Ok, then, why aren’t you doing anything?

Does this scenario sound familiar? You put all your tools & resources in place and yet you still can’t manage to take that first step?  Well, it does to me!

It’s easy to get wrapped up in preparation to achieve that we often forget what we wanted in the first place. And by forget I mean, get sidetracked.

In the past, I was the queen of gathering all the necessary tools and then not taking action.  Luckily, I learned a few tricks that allowed me to jump over any of my self-made roadblocks and truly start moving toward my goals.  Unfortunately, I learned the lessons the hard way after spending a year paralyzed and in that preparation mode (just after my daughter Mila was born).

Here are 3 Reminders about Reaching Your Goals…they work like magic for me and I know they can for you too:

  1. No amount of planning is going to give you the motivation you need to get moving. You need to have a why and a need for mastery in a certain area. A bigger, deeper reason that achieving that goals would mean the world to you.
  2. Knowing HOW to do something is only half the battle.  You need to have a strong hunger, desire, and passion for something that can fuel you forward when your motivation wanes.
  3. You can’t achieve success in a vacuum or a bubble.  If you think you can be like the boy in the bubble sitting at home, plotting your path to millions, you are nuts.  You must connect with the world and others in the world in order to reach goals.  Even if your goals are personal, you’ll have a much easier time reaching them if you REACH OUT to others.

So, today, I’d love to encourage you to think about what and how much you are achieving.  Are you living your life the way you want to?  Do you set goals and reach them easily?  Do you prioritize what you want to get done – and then do it? Do you even know what tasks are the most important?

In this holiday season when we’re getting ready for a new year–evaluating what we accomplished this year, setting resolutions for the next, making a new start, starting a new journey, wouldn’t you love to know that you are doing everything you can to actually get to the goal you want? Why set a goal if you aren’t prepared to do the work and take the journey to achieve it?

Check out this video showing Pink’s performance last year at the Grammy’s.  What did it take for her to achieve this moment?  I get chills when I watch this video and a little emotional because I can truly see the passion & work she had to do to perform this song. Watch the whole thing, so you see what I mean.

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Get inspired. Get prepared.  But then get to work.

Have a great week!