The Next 48 Hours

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From Saggy to Sassy

Feeling saggy, droopy, tired and maybe a little puffy?  Not really getting anything done and whining about it to anyone who will listen?  You’re just not feeling your normal sassy self…in fact you keep calling yourself a sea hag!  I feel you. I’ve been there and expect that I’ll be there again.  Thankfully not today!

If you are feeling a little funky & fried read about how I discovered (quite by accident) a 48-hour solution to make you feel hotter, more energetic, motivated and finally on a committed, personalized, track to your best fitness.  Wow, that sounds almost too good to be true.

What kind of Utopian healthy planet do I live on?  (i love asking myself these questions as I write!)

This 48-hour strategy can work for you too.

How Inspiration Finds Me

I love getting inspired. I’m like a junkie looking for that next boost of inspiration all the time. I’m constantly on the lookout for people, books, classes, events, and places that evoke an emotional response in me.  I know that when I get emotionally or mentally inspired, I take massive action.  It’s usually these “things” that turnaround almost any area of stagnancy in my life.

So, I half suspected going to Valerie Waters’ Fitness & Beauty Summit back in September would have a positive effect on me.  What I didn’t know was that I’d be able to break it down a step by step plan that you could use too!

A few weeks ago I even shared my 48-hour turnaround secret with a few people who were interested in making some dramatic yet lasting changes in their lives.

Real Women. Real Goals.

One woman wanted to finally get back on track and resume her healthy lifestyle after a long period of unemployment where she had stopped doing many of the every day healthy things we take for granted.  She just wanted to get back to where she was.  She didn’t want miracles; she just wanted to feel better — more alive….and fit into her work clothes again.

A new mom had spent the year telling herself the lie that she had a 9 month pass.  Sadly – she discovered something that I did too during my own pregnancy – there is no 9 month pass…it’s plenty of time to create a lot of bad eating & exercise habits.  Actually, the pregnancy prompted a gradual breakdown of her normally good habits which became difficult for her in the last few months of pregnancy.  Again, she had once been fairly healthy & fit, but something switched completely off when she got pregnant.  Now–she wanted her pre-baby body back, didn’t have time to get it, was running on no sleep, lack of nutrition, and no confidence that she could pull it together. She knew she needed an extra push.  For Sara, she knew she probably needed more than a 48 hour turnaround…maybe 2 of those with a side of a little extra support.

So, why am I telling you about these women?  Well, I wanted to share two different stories from women with different lifestyles who have made a clear decision and intention to get back into shape–mentally & physically.

But instead of waiting to see their results, I decided to share the very first step that I give to everyone who calls me for help.  In fact, this is one of those “duh” actions you can take in absolutely any area of your life for an immediate jolt.

The only hitch is that you have to act immediately in order for it to work for you too.

Try to hear or read what I have to say with beginner’s ears.  Pretend you know nothing about what it means to live a truly healthy lifestyle.

Step 1 Revealed

Step 1 of my 48-hour turnaround is to get out of your house and find an event, a class, a group, a place where there are a lot of other people just like you. When I say “like you”, I mean people trying to do what you’re doing, already doing what you’re doing…or better yet, people who’ve already done what you want to do.

You can choose a mom’s group (if you’re a mom) or a yoga class or some weekend event where you’ll be learning something new about your health and fitness or perhaps a career or personal development seminar.  There are TONS of options in most communities. Do a search online and you’ll find some interesting event to go to.

Whenever I need to get back into a fitness regimen, I go to a live class.  I will go to a room full of sweaty strangers and get right into it.  Somehow because we are all sweating it out together reminds me of why I am personally doing what I’m doing.

I don’t want to be like anyone else there necessarily, but it’s nice knowing I’m not the only one on the path.

So that’s it. That’s step 1. Find a public event where you will connect (by mere attendance) with people also seeking to achieve their goals.

Oh, and if you haven’t guessed it, you can actually do this step for any area of your life that’s fallen into the dead zone.

Don’t Think. Just Act.

Now it’s your turn. Post a comment below and tell me where you’re going and what you’re doing.  Post only after you’ve bought the ticket, paid for the class, or have the babysitter scheduled.

Ok, take action!