How many of you really feel like you communicate in your most resonant voice online?  What I mean is – are people listening to you? Are they responding to you? Talking to you?

Sometimes it takes a lonnnngg time before we really feel like we’ve hit our mark, that people are getting the real us or that people even care what we’re doing!

A few weeks ago, I almost got sidelined and discouraged from doing something because of an email that was in someone’s TRUE, in my opinion most powerful voice.

Wondering who made me stop in my tracks?

Watch this video and you’ll find out who I’m talking about plus:

  • My top 3 examples of people who spoke to me in their most powerful voice
  • Why using your unique voice is so important to launching
  • Why you should seek out your own sweet spot and voice


So – you might be wondering what to do now.  Here are 3 ways to find your voice:

  • List 3 individuals (in your industry or another) you connect or resonate with and describe why their message “gets” you so well. Think about how they communicate with you.
  • Look through all your blog comments, interactions on social media, emails, videos, anything you’ve produced and shared with others.  Which formats have gotten the most response?  Keep it simple.
  • Survey your list – social media – people you know. Ask everyone around you where they think you are at  your strongest?

If you’re feeling brave and want even more feedback from the community here – answer these questions in the comments below!

And as always – if you’re feeling this post or think someone else could use a little help finding their voice, pass on this post!

And one final note – don’t torture yourself about finding your voice, decide to start speaking in your most honest, genuine way you can.  Don’t worry that you won’t have it all right at first.

Make a video, record an audio, write a blog post, whatever you want to create – create it!

As you experiment – you will start to see how people respond and DON’T respond.

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