Where’s that file? Where’s that password? Didn’t I save an image that I wanted to use on this blog post? What happened to my new client’s skype handle? Wait – do I have a webinar right now?

If you’re an entrepreneur at any stage of your business, you’ve probably been hit with the force of all the details and ideas you need to manage + remember.

Not to mention – you will have a ton of these ideas that hit you at all times of the night and day…. ones that you WANT to take action.

Lately – I’ve been getting asked by A LOT of people – how do I organize my business?

How do you do it? How do you stay organized and remember those important to dos and goals?

Here’s the answer: as much as you are going to hate to hear this…you have to start from the inside and then work out.

It’s not about the tools you choose – it’s about a finding a system that works for you and then making that system a habit.

Here’s some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten to be more productive, focus on the important things, and ultimately has helped me be more organized.

  1. Start every day reviewing your to do list for the day – making any notes on people you want to contact and with a clear eye to tasks that will push your business forward.
  2. Identify and then do your 3 most important to dos every single day before anything else.
  3. Choose 1 easy system to pull your ideas together – don’t use 3 different ones. Physical Notebook, Google Docs, or even your calendar.
  4. Schedule time – in your actual calendar – to go over your ideas every 30 days AT LEAST.
  5. Routinely cross off ideas that no longer interest you or you’ve decided not to do.
  6. DO NOT READ YOUR EMAIL first thing in the morning.
  7. Set a daily specific time to check into social media. Don’t graze all day long. Schedule your messages using hootsuite.
  8. Spend 30 minutes at the beginning and end of every single day organizing your workspace and creating your to do list.
  9. Improve your focus – take your vitamins or drink your green juice or both!
  10. Exercise daily – improve focus and clarity, get oxygen into your brain and get more done!

You’ve heard a few of those before, eh? Not surprising.

Some of these are basic practices for clarity, mental health, decreasing stress…and guess what? You can’t remind yourself enough to do them.

Try all the above items for 30 days CONSISTENTLY…and then check back to tell me how you’re doing.

If you’ve got any golden organization tips up your sleeve – share them in the comments below!

Want one more way to get organized? Share this post with someone who can keep tabs on you AND help you stay accountable.