Planning a project? Developing a new program? Starting a business?

If you are in production online or offline – preparing yourself for the delivery, release or launch of absolutely any type of project… heed my 10 golden rules listed below.

These guidelines have served me well planning projects in many different industries like film, videogame development, pilates studio development and now in online business.

1. Be clear what you are offering.
2. Know who your audience is.
3. Get help.
4. Stick to a schedule.
5. Deliver what you promised.

6. Don’t switch software or any systems mid-launch.
7. Make sure your team is going to see through the launch.
8. Have back up plans – ALL OVER THE HIZZY.
9. Be ready to (and OK with) CHANGE anything that’s not working for ANY reason.
10. Do it often and don’t be afraid to LAUNCH WITHOUT SELLING A THING.

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