Come listen to Rebecca of the Uncaged Life, and learn how to create better packages and servicesSo you thought figuring out what people want is figuring out what to offer people was a challenge, right? Try to create packages and services for your soon to be clients…you know, stuff they’ll actually line up to buy from you!

Now I’m not saying this to scare you, but I find this is one of the trickiest pieces of creating a service-based business.

What to offer, who to offer it to, how much, how to deliver it… 

In fact, I’m curious, do you create on-the-fly or “custom” services for every single when they approach you?

Is it possible that in your effort to please these one off requests, you’ve actually lost potential business?

If so, tell me if you’ve experienced any difficulty–responding to those inquiries in a timely manner, responding at all and then letting potential clients simply walk out the door, or how about finding a balance between too much, too specific, and not enough or too vague?

I’ve suffered and done each and every one of these. I’m not proud. Are you ready to handle it with me?

If you’d like to create a simple system for packaging your products and services in the best way possible for you and your clients, you’ll love my guest today.

Becca Tracey of Uncage Your Business helps entrepreneurs do just this – and she’s sharing some of her best secrets today along with a few resources to get you started.

Are you ready to start attracting more clients? I thought so…

Create packages and services

In today’s episode, we’re talking about:

  • How to get your message right so that you immediately stand out from the so-called crowd.
  • We also talk about why it’s so important to let people know what problem(s) you solve — in fact, there’s one super simple solution to making sure there’s no mystery there.
  • She walks us through her process for figuring out people even want from you in the first place – which as you know can be one of the most frustrating things to figure out…UNTIL NOW.
  • What to do if your packages aren’t selling…There’s nothing more depressing than putting together a package or experience you’re sure people will want and need. When they don’t come running it feels like a huge smack in the face. There are some pretty easy to spot reasons and we’ll go into some of those during our conversation too!
  • Becca’s favorite tools to sell her services & work with people. You might be surprised what she shares!

Want to get clients fast? Check out Rebecca’s free video series available for a limited time.

get more clients

Resources from Becca — checklist for getting more clients — free chapter for creating packages

If you’d like to go deeper, make sure you check out Uncage Your Business.

Additional Business Resources

Free Launch Planner: Grab this completely free launch planning workbook. Download, print, and start planning your launch today — don’t forget to add in the test and secure your website tasks!

Free Training: Learn the 4-part method to make your course or coachign program launch a success!

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