Come join us as I get the scoop on how Vicky Lashenko started her live facebook show.It’s funny to me that this episode about a live Facebook show starts many years ago at a live event!

World Domination Summit circa 2012 or 2013…standing outside the Portland Zoo waiting for a friend who was also attending. A smiling woman came running at me to introduce herself.

She gave me a book for my daughter Mila and she was so sweet, I wondered what she wanted from me… clearly I wasn’t used to just plain ‘ole nice, genuine, giving people.

But later that day, I thought to myself how refreshing this woman was and knew we’d become friends. I needed more nice people around me.

5 years later and Vicky Lashenko is still as sweet, genuine, concerned, and committed as she was then…

She’s the creator and host of a popular live Facebook show that happens every single Monday morning called the Mompreneur Show where she talks to mom business owners about their businesses and their lives as moms.

I knew Vicky had to come on the show because – a) I have no idea how she launched her live show on Facebook and b) she’s now launching her live show as a podcast too!

In this episode we talk about:

  • How she’s built her audience over the past year
  • Does she have a strategy to get people onto the live show?
  • What challenges she’s faced throughout the year building a live audience
  • Her best advice for balancing her family life and business
  • Plans for the future of the Mompreneur Show
  • How to start your own show – whether it’s live or pre-recorded
  • Why Vicky subscribes to Just in time learning now instead of binge listening!

Plus, she’s also sharing some behind the scenes Mama stories that even I didn’t know about!

Come join us as I get the scoop on how Vicky Lashenko started her live facebook show.

Have a Live Facebook show of your own or are you thinking starting one? Leave a comment below and tell us about it! We’d love to connect more people doing this type of work and what you’re discovering!

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