jessica-kupferman Today’s show features entrepreneur Jessica Kupferman, podcast, mom, funny lady…and word of warning – we always have a ton of fun together, interrupt each other and generally like to make a joke if things get too serious.

She’s obsessed with podcasting and sharing why your business needs a podcast… and specifically why more women need to do podcasts!

Here’s what goes down:

  • Jessica shares how she produces two shows per week (maybe more by the time this goes live!).
  • An impromptu brainstorm how to make the content workflow easier.
  • I also share my results with the podcast + she gives me a few tips.
  • How to be an introvert and still manage to talk to people all day long.
  • Find out what’s changed in her business over a full year of podcasting.
  • Why podcasting is so cool for building an audience of people you don’t know already!
  • Why we need more women podcasters!!

And you’ll hear Jessica go off on delegating, being interviewed, and helping me create the officially first NON-CLEAN interview, so grab your headphones for this one.

Show Notes:

Connect with Jessica:

Jessica Kupferman (the main site!)
Lady Business Hub (where the podcast lives!)
Jessica on Twitter
Lady Business Bombsquad

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