Today’s guest post is brought to you by someone who taught me first how to fold clothes properly (no joke) and then showed me what that has to do with creating more white space in your life and business.

I’ve been dying to get Melody Granger gentle and straightforward brain onto the blog and this post is just what the doctor ordered if you’ve been wondering how to get results.


Every business owner wants results…FAST.  And, that’s a big problem, especially for a small business entrepreneur, because you’re probably doing the job of several people.

It’s no secret that you’re often feeling pulled in several different directions at any given momentMP900438680 in time (what else are you thinking about right now?), waffling back and forth on making the smartest decisions for the growth of your business, and just trying to stay ahead of the game.

But, I’m willing to bet you’re ready to take on more, because there’s a specific result you want NOW.  Who doesn’t love instant gratification???

Before you get all motivated and fired-up, there are…

 5 Things You MUST Know About Getting Results or Else You Won’t Get Them

1.  Patience:  You probably want instant gratification, but your impatience can hurt your results.  While it’s great to be a go-getter, turn your patience dial up 300 to 500% because technical difficulties, kinks in your plan, or other bumps in the road will likely appear, and leave you questioning if the result you want is really worth the moments of pure frustration.  When you have higher volumes of patience, then you’ll begin noticing how you’re able to sail through the kinks with more grace and ease.  Heck, when you learn super-patience, you may not even notice the bumps in the road!

2.  Focus:  The easiest way to get focused is to work from a clear, clean, spacious, very well organized, confident office space.  Remove the clutter – items that do not support your business growth – and remove the uglies.  Keep the uplifting, pretty décor.  If there are items that don’t belong in your workspace, like parts of your house, then get them out of there.   (You can neatly stash stuff out of sight for 2 weeks, but THAT’s it.  Deal???)  Your workspace is your profit center.   Most business owners that I work with want results that help them increase something they want more of, like time, money, energy (happiness), space, and/or focus, just to name a few results they get.  Not only will you be able to think more clearly and drastically improve your focus, but you’ll also notice that you begin making better and smarter decisions.  You’re environment is THAT powerful in boosting your success.

3.  Prioritization:  Oh, prioritization, how I love thee.  But, I used to loathe thee!  The lesson here is to fall in love with prioritization.  Figure out the difference between what’s important to tackle and what’s not.  If you’re gonna pull off getting the results you want, then prioritization skills will serve you.  If you’re having trouble prioritizing, then start practicing or else you won’t be getting the results you want any time soon…at least, not as fast as you’d like.

4.  Productivity:  My secret to productivity is in the to-do list, the step-by-step checklist, and busting myself if I start procrastinating.  Always, always, always go back to the list to keep yourself focused, prioritized and productive.  You’ve got this!

5.  Accomplishment Partner:  Find yourself an accomplishment partner.  NOT an

Accomplishment Partneraccountability partner.  What’s the difference?  An accomplishment partner is a person who successfully helps you complete something.  An accountability partner is a person who helps youkeep a commitment.   Here’s an analogy: a parent who reminds you to keep your commitment to clean your room vs. a parent who helps you accomplish cleaning your room.  Can you see the difference?  One is annoying and the other is ah-mazing!  An accomplishment partner is the MUST know secret-sauce ingredient to add to your environment for getting the results you want…faster!  Why?  Because, when you are working with an accomplishment partner, you’ll instantly increase your patience, get better at sticking to your priorities, strengthen your focusing muscles, and improve your ability to get more done in less time (productivity!), and of course, make one accomplishment after another.

Without the accomplishments, there are no results.


Which item above stands out to you?

I don’t know about you – but I want an accomplishment partner RIGHT NOW.

Leave a comment below sharing your biggest takeaway or realization about the way you’re trying to get results.  Is there a small tweak you can make in your day to day life to improve your ability to get results?


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