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If you’re running a business online, you’ve probably thought once or twice about trying out Facebook ads.

Back when I was still working at LKR, I remember when we started.  It was all a test and over time, we got better at getting results and then better at monitoring our metrics and the performance of ads.

But it was never ME who actually set the ads up, so though I’ve known ads work to bring in new leads to a business, I’ve never fully jumped in!

My friend Amy Porterfield has nearly ambushed me when she found out I was boosting posts and trying out $10 a day…ad budgets.  Laura and some on her team gave me the same “talking to” and even pointed me to the post they wrote on driving major traffic with Facebook Ads.

Finally, I decided to try ads out for a real launch – or at least leading up to the launch.

Listen in to this episode where I share:

  • how long in advance of a launch to run ads

  • what type of ad worked best for me

  • how long did it take to see results

  • what I didn’t know that I will do different next time

  • the exact leads brought in by 2 types of ads

…and I’ll also share my upcoming ads testing!

Here are the two ads I discuss in the podcast so you can see them:

Ad #1: This is my simple ad to drive people to the Launch Toolkit landing page.

facebook ads results

Ad #2 for my Google Hangout to promote/open the Fearless Launching launch.


I quickly changed it to this more casual version which did bring more sign ups for the hangout.

facebook ads results

Have you run a successful Facebook ad campaign?

Share your own results in the comments below!

Show Notes:

Blog post: How To Use Facebook Ads For Your Launch

Blog post:  4 Creative Ways to Target Your Email List with Facebook Custom Audiences

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