So I was listening to a great episode from the Perpetual Traffic podcast and it was all about the 4 part launch plan for a podcast.

Clearly, if you use the words launch and plan in a title, I’ma find you and I’m a nerd for that kind of content…so…

But since I’ve already got a podcast…I thought, can this be applied to other types of launches?

Can I do re-launch or bring launch-like energy to my existing podcast?

How do I take this and apply it in another way to my own business?

Here’s the great news.

Doesn’t matter what type of launch or what strategy someone shares for a launch, you can absolutely apply it to any other type of launch or promotion you want to plan for your business.

Not just with this strategy but any other you might want to do.

So, in this case they talked about their own podcast launch.

Just 4 simple steps made up the launch plan.

I want you to listen to the episode here so you can understand the four steps. But here’s the summary – host a contest, ask people to do something to win the contest and make sure it includes a call to action to share with others.

Those were the basics.

The second I finished the episode, my own wheels started turning.

Now imagine you can apply this to:

  • Instagram when you reach a certain number of followers
  • Your podcast when you reach 100 episodes
  • Your blog launch or relaunch
  • And even to your next webinar or product launch

Most of these types of promotions are milestone related…honestly even a normal product launch is a huge milestone for your business.

Since I’m always looking for ways to celebrate hitting my own biz milestones — even if it’s just 2k on Instagram or even 100 episodes of my podcast, I figured now would be a great time to also share why this works and some ideas to help you leverage your own milestones.

Why This Works

Two extremely important and powerful reasons why this type of launch works. No matter what the milestone, marker, or thing you’re celebrating.

  1. Strengthen Your Community
  2. Social Proof

You get to include your community and celebrate them for being part of that community.

People love celebrations, giveaways and contests…

And they are even happier to spread the word when you ask them — especially if there’s a chance to win something.

Because you’ve got all this goodwill floating around, you’ll likely get a lot of support, social proof and excited community members.

The simpler you make it for someone to be involved the better. You create a ton of shareables on the front end and then simply ask people to share and join in…

Strategies To Make Sure It REALLY Works

Here some simple – I mean, you so simple, you probably know about all of them…but you may not be doing them together…or consistently.

Use Facebook Ads to your existing list and Facebook Group or community to make sure people know about the celebration (or promo or launch) or whatever you’re calling it! Listen to my episode about using Facebook ads right here. You don’t need a ton of money to get more eyes on what you’re doing!

Create a simple Instagram Campaign where you plan out a series of posts over the 1-2 weeks of your promotion. You could also create a 30 day challenge or some sort of interactive event. This generally works well if you’re already active on the platform, so keep that in mind if you decide to spend time on any specific channel.

Write a blog post! This is my simple go to way of announcing anything I’m up to… from new freebies to webinars to launches and even scholarship contests like this one I held a year ago for Fearless Launching.

Create an interactive Thank You Page. What does this mean? Make sure you have some Call To Action on the page once someone signs up. Maybe it’s sharing what they just signed up for, maybe it’s their next steps, maybe it’s a paid offer you want them to be aware of! Always have a Click-To-Tweet on your your thank you or success pages… I try to do this as often as possible on mine that I create in LeadPages.

Email your peeps. This one is simple, but I like it the best. Make sure your subscribers and closest audience members know. Tell them in multiple emails.

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Final Thoughts

Doing mini-launches and promotions is a great way to get practice for your bigger launches. Remember that the process is pretty much the same no matter what you’re putting out to your audience or trying to share with new people.

So – I encourage you to test out celebrating a milestone for your own business.

The reason connecting a promo of any kind to a milestone feels so easy is because you are including your community, rewarding them for participating, and encouraging them to spread the word about what you’re doing, who you are.

And if you have ever done a Milestone Launch before…leave a comment below sharing what you did, how well it worked, and what you’d do differently next time!