think creative collectiveSolopreneurs: Have you ever daydreamed or considered the possibility of finding a business partner?

The dream has been there off and on with me because – let’s face it, building your business can be so darn lonely!

Today’s episode starts a series all about partnerships.

Now, I talk about partnerships normally in terms of working with promotional partner, but today, we dive into finding someone who actually works alongside you to build a business.

And we kick things off with two women who partnered less than a year ago and have grown fast! Neither expected to find a partner and weren’t even looking for one.

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Abagail and Emylee of Think Creative Collective were solopreneurs until their fated meeting in a Facebook group. They had never even considered co-owning a business with someone else.

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Listen up as we talk about:

  • Exactly how they met, what they discovered quickly, and how they just “knew” they needed to take a chance and partner.
  • The really clean cut simple way they transitioned their solo businesses into one!
  • Why their similar strengths still benefit different parts of the business and who does what.
  • What they tell people who ask them how to find a partner (you might be surprised at their answer).

And so much more!

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