When you’re first starting a business, there are so many potential tasks and things you are told to start doing…and it’s often hard to know which should take priority.

  • Build a website
  • Start blogging
  • Create Consistent content
  • Define your ideal customer
  • Hire a team
  • Make that schedule
  • Tweet
  • Share it on Facebook
  • Network
  • Get on Periscope
  • Get on Blab
  • Do a podcast

The one thing that will drive every stage of your business though is often not even on your typical business checklist.

And it’s this – build relationships.

Best part about this is that you can do it every single day and you’re likely already started doing it.

That’s why in my conversation today, Zach Spuckler and I start talking about launching without email and spend most of our time talking about the importance of selling through connection.

I met Zach by watching his amazing Periscopes on Facebook Ads…which is a platform he realized quickly would help him grow his business…but not just that–help him get to know his audience and really get personal with them. I’ve discovered something similar and you can read about it right here.

As you listen to today’s insightful interview, you’re not going to hear some fancy schmancy new tactic that you’ve never heard before or a super juicy “I’ve never heard that”…and that’s what makes our conversation so important.

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As you listen to today’s insightful interview, you’re not going to hear some fancy schmancy new tactic that you’ve never heard before or a super juicy “I’ve never heard that”…and that’s what makes our conversation so important. We talked about:

  • What Zach started doing at 13 years old that planted the seeds for his current online business
  • His big a-ha while working in direct sales
  • Why he stepped back from his Vegan blog
  • Why his first product was NOT a Facebook Ads product
  • What he reminds people about success and failure on every single #Scope
  • How to see and use the recurring themes in your business

And now let’s breakdown and why his straightforward method with building relationships at the core of why his business has grown so quickly.

Download this handy cheatsheet to follow along and make notes about your own business.

#1 Relationships create trust

The basis for everything Zach does is about building relationships but on a mass scale to reach many people at once.

The tools of choice for us today are Periscope and Facebook. I caution you to jump on Periscope if you don’t like being on video though. You have full permission to choose your own tools, channels, and unique ways of connecting with your audience.

The point is that you make this your priority.

Once you’ve found the way to connect with people – sales will become easier. Feel more natural. Feel less cheesy and definitely not sleezy.

#2 Do YOU asap

The second Zach stepped foot on Periscope – he let his personality come through loud and clear. He doesn’t apologize for talking at the speed of light without a breath or showing up “looking rough.” This is why even in the middle of the night, Zach can log on and have hundreds of people watching him.

He gets it. He’s not afraid to be himself.

He doesn’t pretend to know everything or get everything right all the time.

And doing this…leads to those real relationships.

Heck – when I got on the phone with him, I felt like I knew him already.

#3 When multiple people trust you – you start building a tribe

Once you get a group of people to trust in you and what you’re doing, the material you’re sharing, what you’re creating or teaching, you start building a community.

A community will stand up and tell you what they want. They’ll tell others that they should want to work with you and buy from you too.

A snowball effect happens.

All that just from getting to know people, doing and sharing with integrity, and encouraging people to share if they found it valuable.

#4 Stop re-inventing the wheel – ask them what they want

[Tweet “Simplicity is key here. Overthink who or why you connect with and you lose integrity.”]

Pretend you’re someone you aren’t…same thing happens.

Show up, be honest…and the trust gets deeper. The relationship grows strong.

According to Zach – and I completely agree — not just because it sounds good, but because it’s exactly what’s worked for me to in my life and in my business.

  1. Decide what you want your business to look like. What’s the vision? The big picture?
  2. Choose which topics you can talk about with ease and medium level of expertise.
  3. Share without expecting action but make sure to ask for the share if it’s valuable for them.
  4. Respond to questions and ask for feedback
  5. Be open to the business focus changing from one thing to another if people want something “different” from you.
  6. #1 thing – show up as you on that platform DAY 1.

Don’t estimate the power of the stronger connection with the people who show up on your scopes, your Instagram comments, even on your Facebook page. Each person matters.

If you’d like more info on Zach, how to Rock Your Scopes, make sure to connect with him at the links below.

Also, make sure you look at your own business to make sure you’re actually building relationships too!

Where To Find Zach

Zach on Periscope @heartsoulhustle

Zach on Instagram

Zach on Facebook

Zach’s Website

More Resources

1) Free Launch Planner: Grab this completely free launch planning workbook. Download, print, and start planning your launch today — don’t forget to add in the test and secure your website tasks!

2) Free Systems Cheatsheet: A Free Checklist & Cheatsheet to make sure your systems are in order before you launch — plus the one I mentioned on the podcast today!

3) Want to work with me one on one? If you’re a business owner who knows that you need a coach, someone to work through your launch strategy, figure out your launch plan, get spot advice as it comes up…then we could be a perfect match!

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