If you have ever hired a virtual assistant or maybe are one yourself, you’ll love today’s episode. We talk to a VA and business owner who’s been able to have the best of both worlds…

And answers the question…how do you grow your business while your work for someone else.

She’s in the trenches on a successful business with Amy Porterfield much like I talked about in this past episode about working with LKR Social Media. And then at the same time, she’s able to switch gears and work on her own business.

How does someone grow an insanely successful business while supporting another biz way more than part time?

Well, it’s a very unique position to be in for sure and Trivinia handles it with such grace!

From overbooked VA to now managing a large team of VAs who work with all sorts of entrepreneurs in the online space…and even having her husband working alongside her full time…she’s got an amazing story to tell!

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Here’s just a peek at the topics we cover:

  • How Trivinia knew it was time to grow
  • What her business looks like today
  • Her favorite part of working with Ms. Porterfield
  • What it took to adjust to life working with her husband

And sooo much more!

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