Lately, I’ve been hearing from my friends who’ve had businesses for several years that they are focusing the next quarter on simplifying, revising and refreshing their systems.

But do you need to start creating systems before your business is making money?

Thinking back, I know that the very first year of business back when I worked with Laura Roeder, we set up very simple systems to handle our weekly publishing schedule as well as how we launched products.

So, really, systems are everywhere.

And they’re nothing more than the “way” (a documented way really) that you do things.

So, all you have to do to get something out of today’s episode is this…commit to documenting how you do certain key things in your business.

When you do – you’ll discover what’s working, what’s not, and be able to make better decisions…

So, let’s do this, shall we?

Today, I am joined by a dear friend Natasha Vorompiova. She is one of the OG members of Fearless Launching. She has also taught me a lot about the systems that our businesses need at different stages from day one to when we start expanding and hiring people.

Natasha is a consultant and systems strategist who creates systems for growth-oriented businesses. She is the woman behind Systems Rock where she helps clients establish systems for completing tasks with ease, marketing consistently, and onboarding effectively. Her past focus was on solo business owners, but now she focuses on businesses with small teams and helping the teams and the businesses grow.

We talk about having business systems in place and providing structure to allow team members to do their jobs effectively. We also talk about being an impact amplifier by amplifying the impact of each team member, so that the business impact is strengthened as it grows. Natasha has also graciously agreed to answer questions, so feel free to add your questions to the comment section.

You can find Natasha here:

Systems Rock

Natasha on Twitter @SystemsThatRock

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Systematic Success

Highlights from the Show

[03:17] Natasha was in my very first Fearless Launching community. She is a woman who has her systems down.

[05:06] Natasha is a systems specialist and architect. Until recently she has been working for solo business owners.

[06:00] A few months ago she shifted her focus from solo business owners to business owners with small teams.

[06:51] As teams grow, the old ways of doing things stop working. Owners need to communicate as a team so that they aren’t the bottleneck of their business.

[07:40] Natasha looks for ways to guide/coach business owners to amplify the impact of every team member.

[08:14] How impact gets diluted without systems and structures in place. It holds people back and doesn’t allow them to do the work that they can do.

[10:37] The evolution of her Systemic Success program prompted Natasha to begin focusing on teams and business growth.

[12:31] Owners with larger teams had a different set of challenges.

[13:54] Working with the larger and growing teams allows Natasha to have a greater impact.

[14:28] Her systems create an environment to enable teams to perform their best.

[15:41] Her clients may have something in the way that allows team members to reach and perform at their potential.

[16:45] Clients don’t want to go through the hiring and firing process until they find a mind reader. This is where systems come into play.

[18:09] Natasha works with clients who have teams one-on-one and with their teams.

[22:05] Teaching business owners how to get out of the way of the team members. Having systems to support the team.

[22:53] Using proper document and project management tools. Allowing the business owner to step back and let things get done.

[25:16] Problems with implementing systems and an adjustment period to trust the system and handle the new free time.

[29:38] Establishing time management and balancing systems when starting out.

[30:15] As the business grows there will be client-facing systems and relationship building and marketing systems.

[31:20] The last piece is the systems for the team such as communication, leadership, and teamwork.

[33:58] The magical number of three. When you triple your team you need to inspect your systems. After adding 3, 10, 30, or 100 people, you need to restructure your systems.

[39:07] Create systems for things you repeat in order to not waste time doing the same thing over and over.

[46:37] Communicate your vision so that your team will own it.

Resources Mentioned During The Show

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Systems Rock

Natasha on Twitter @SystemsThatRock

Natasha on Facebook

Systematic Success

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