What's your favorite part of the product launch process?

Writing emails? Deciding the “what” to launch?

Planning and creating your pre-launch content?

Mine is kind of weird, but it's because I'm a sucker for a good story.

If there's one part of the launch process I love – it's gathering the powerful before and after stories that get shared. Case studies of people who were at one place in their life or business and experienced change.

Show me a before and after story – and I'm IN.

And I know I'm not the only one.

There’s one reason people those shows like The Biggest Loser, Home Makeover, and really any show where you might find a “big reveal” are popular.


People love a good makeover story. They like to find people in their situation making a change and finally reaching the result that they themselves want to reach.

Sure – there’s the train wreck factor of seeing someone in a challenging situation and thinking – wow, thank god that’s not me!

But – there’s a deep human need to identify with other people going through similar experiences and facing the same challenges and then overcoming those challenges.

“If they can do it so can I!!”

Do you know what I mean?

If so – then you’re going to love these two amazing business discovery + transformation stories….

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Alicia Cowan, Brilliant Social Media Marketing Teacher (+Butt Kicker)

She came to Fearless Launching with expertise, a calendar full of launch dates that never seemed to happen.

After one round of the program – she launched her first program Twitter Brilliance and fell in love with launching.

During the first launch – her list doubled, she met all her launch goals (not surprising)…and started operating on a whole new level in her business.

A year ago we chatted about that first blush you feel after your first launch – and at that time she was already headed into the second round of her program. This is common once you finish your first successful launch – you’re excited, ready, ignited to take action again!

Last week – I caught up with Alicia and asked where her business is now…

Take 20 minutes right now – as she shares the results of making her product evergreen, falling in and out of love with her Twitter Brilliance, and what she’s doing now that has changed everything in her life and biz.

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[divider_dotted] Want to know more about Alicia: Visit her site: aliciacowan.com


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Catherine Just, Creator of the Deepening, In Plain Site, and the Soulfull Summit

Catherine came to Fearless Launching already doing so much right in her business. She already had a product, she had a growing audience – she had her why.

But there was something not clicking for her.

Like most people who join the program – she was pretty certain she wasn’t doing something right – or missing something in the whole launch process.

And even deeper than that – she believed she needed to struggle through all the pieces herself in order to make it happen. And boyyyy was I happy to tell her she didn’t need to do it alone.

One thing I remember vividly from the first week of Fearless Launching was Catherine had 3 different things she listed to complete in in just a few months – and I told her to just focus on one. Focus on the easiest thing to get out there.

She did – and as you may remember in a past interview – she shares amazing results, how the summit changed her business, and gave her the confidence to move on and launch the next thing.

Well – I got to check in with Catherine (I won’t lie – we check in often) but this time we talked about how the year changed her whole approach to launching, how she needed to detach from her first product in order to make it the success it is today, and the one thing she knows now about the results you do and don’t get when you launch.

Check it out – you’ll love it – 20 minutes and you’ll get why Catherine really is perfect example of Fearless Launching.

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More links to check out Catherine:

Visit Catherine's site: catherinejust.com
Soulfull Summit: Catherine Just Programs & Retreats

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A few take aways to remember – feel free to tweet these to your heart’s content:

Experience the first launch.
Learn how to NOT take it personally.
Launching can change your business but it is NOT your business.

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