I got an email recently from a client and she needed help launching a long awaited product.

I could tell she was stressed out.

She felt behind, she’d wanted this for a long time, she felt under the gun. She knew she’s been saying she wanted to launch, but it hadn’t happened yet.

She needed this to happen – like yesterday.

Yet at the same time – there was upheaval and serious things going on in her life. Real life stuff.

Knowing that it’s never a good idea to try to create or ship under pressure (even if it’s self-induced), I asked her a simple question to get to the heart of the launch rush.

Why are you REALLY rushing to launch?

I wanted to make sure I knew why she was so rushed.  Was it a needing money issue? An ego issue? A need to please someone else?

All it took was her to answer that question for the pressure to subside and shift.

Before there had been fear, pressure, and stress… and then cutting to the heart of it brought clarity and a type of launch that made sense.

What Roxie experienced is one of the 3 most common faces of fear that erupt from launching — and I’ve faced them all firsthand too…

“Why am I feeling so pressured or rushed?”

Ask yourself this question and these universal truths often pop up.

We want to be free.
Free from the constraints of someone telling us what to do every single moment of every day.
But we wonder if that utopia even exists.

We want to create.
We see others creating, thriving, making money and we inspired to create too.
But we aren’t sure if what we’re creating has value.

We want a business.
We see people who seem to quit their jobs, take the bull by the horns and go for it.  They give us hope, show us what it looks like… and we’re convinced that it can work for us too. We even have people asking us for our advice and expertise.
But we still feel like we’ve got something to prove.

How many of you feel this way?

Fear has many faces.

Self doubt.
Getting everything in order.
Making sure no one’s offended.
Make sure other people are comfortable.
Needing more proof.
Needing some secret, unknown metric.
Hearing the truth from others and not believing it.

You can see your genius – feel confident in your abilities – and somehow it STILL doesn’t feel quite like it’s you.

How does your fear take form?

And what is it stopping you from doing?


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