What I say matters squat.

No seriously.

If you’re wondering about Fearless Launching

Don’t. Ask. Me.

Why? Because I can say how amazing my program is and what you will gain from it.

I know what the program offers, I can paint a picture of hope and your business after going through the program.

And – it’s all true – but I know that it when comes to making decisions (like how to spend your money) what really matters to most people is what other people say.

I could go on and on and on about every project I’ve worked on, the people that trust me in their business, and so much more, but you know what?

If I were thinking about joining Fearless Launching, it wouldn’t matter to me what I said either…I’d want to find proof that it was the right step from some other source!

social proof

Heck, I recently looked at every single purchase I’ve made ANYWHERE in the last year and guess what…

All of them were because someone else had it, loved it, or told me about it, or all of the above.

Nike Fuelband – > blame goes to Peter Chee for that
Amazing Life + Biz Calendars from Leonie Dawson – > Laura Roeder
Boots from Nordstrom – > Catherine Just

I might even be blamed for a few purchase decisions like –

A friend joining Erika Lyremark’s mastermind
Someone who will probably buy Leadpages in the next week
A friend who hired a specific project manager
A friend who bought a book I was reading

Social proof matters.

So I’ll say it again – don’t listen to me…even though I want to tell you how amazing Fearless Launching could be for your business. Listen to what a few of the happy alum have to say about taking part in the program. (and stay tuned for more featured launchers this week)

Rachel Feldman – Detox, Marketing, Business Triple Threat

I launch 8 times a year but I am a grassroots kind of launcher and this means I launch from my gut, which can be really effective for marketing but I was missing and needed was a system and a plan.

When I found Fearless Launching and asked Anne about why Fearless launching was all about – she told me – she loved the system and loved the plan.

I knew I was in the right place.

When I began Fearless Launching I had no idea I would learn so many tactics for launching that would up-level my business, take my launching to the next level and be part of a community of like-minded people who were going through the same experiences I was launching my products.

But I have to say the most amazing part of it all was to experience Anne guiding us through the entire course and the forum.

The forum is a powerful community. Anne is relentless with sharing her knowledge, her skills, and her resources. She gives because she truly wants everyone to succeed.

When I entered Fearless launching I have never written down goals for my launch or even looked at a spreadsheet – that all changed.

My first week of homework was to write down my goals and I write the number 400 for total sales – and wrote only 50 for my higher-level product – I doubled that number for my higher-level product and double my earning for my launch.

I doubled my earnings because I had a system, a plan, accountability and I wrote down my goals.

I was clear on what I wanted for myself and my launch. I was clear on what I was offering and how I was going to deliver this because of my experience with Fearless Launching.

I am now a part of Fearless Launching Mastermind and I am so grateful for Anne, my mentor, my teacher, and a woman who has taught me the beauty, the grace, and the power of a launch.


Rachel works with health coaches who are ready to take their business to the next level – She creates done-for-you-programs so they can empower their businesses and have the right tools to take massive action. For more information on Rachel’s work visit one of the following sites: https://yourhealthcoachbiz.com/shop-done-for-you-programs/  and say hi over on Twitter: @RachelAFeldman.

Sharon Haver, Street Style Activist + Total Maven

I wanted a way to get closer to my audience than what you can solely in an online style + fashion magazine format without “turning off” the existing readers by adding expert fashion stylist services and informational style mentoring products that are an extension of my editorial personal brand.

So many other internet marketing launch courses seem both dated and out of touch with a more sophisticated end consumer, particularly women.

So what did Sharon have to say about Fearless Launching?

Fearless Launching is based on honest and proven results to actually sell something without the stereotypical IM dude sleaze factor. Clarity and confidence is the name of the game here. Anne’s refreshingly straightforward approach is light years ahead of the typical internet marketing verbiage of claiming to “over-deliver” but really delivering a whirl of confusion intended to set you up for their next upsell.

Anne is a wealth of understanding, support, and resources to help get all your ducks in a row to launch. Out of all the IM peeps out there, she’s the woman I want on my team!

What specific results have you achieved since enrolling in Fearless Launching?

In marketing, we all have a tendency to attract others who are very similar to ourselves. That said, Anne attracts a circle of women who are also smart, savvy, and accomplished and make for an enlightened and upbeat group learning experience.

Since taking Fearless Launching, I have strategically outlined the path for three upcoming launches and, most importantly, know that I have the systems and certainty to make it happen!

Meet Liz Lockard… SEO Goddess and Analytics Hero…

1. When working on your launch or thinking about launching, what was your biggest struggle? And how did Fearless Launching help you overcome it?

My biggest struggle was I KNOW NOTHING HOW DO I DO THIS. I had no freakin clue how to launch something. My idea of it was just sending one email. Had no idea how to start or what to do. And thought I might need a bigger list to start.

FL changed all of that. Knocked down my preconceived notions and gave me the confidence, accountability, and the plan for my launch. And holy cow it worked!

2. What specific results have you achieved since enrolling in Fearless Launching? 

My first launch during Fearless Launching was huge. It doubled my list (though small at the time) and earned me $$$ back that was double what I invested in the course. And that was just my first launch – I’m addicted now and have only seen bigger growth since. Thanks, Anne!

Visit Liz here: www.lizlockard.com/blog

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And then – imagine surrounding yourself with these and all the other amazing people inside the Fearless Launching community.