So – I wrote this post about seeing results in your online business

And some of you emailed me to hear more – to get more of one thing… that would help you on your own journey to building a successful online business.


I knew you needed proof.

Well, as luck would have it – I get to watch people turn their spark of an idea into a new business, a launch…something tangible very often.

I get to hear their ideas before anything gets put on paper, before there’s a team in place, before there’s a system for the team.

I’m a witness to creation + I really do feel lucky that I get to be more than a fly on the wall.

But there’s one creation I witnessed this year that truly blew my mind…because it looked so easy, effortless…and well, I KNEW that what was happening behind the scenes was a whole lot of focus and hard work.

Today, I’m going to focus on 2 things:

I’m going to share the proof you asked for…AND…

Tell you how to apply this case study in your life and business – and of course your next launch.

Plus – you’ll get to meet the first honorary member of the Fearless Launching community. This woman embodies what Fearless Launching is all about.

First – the Proof It’s Possible

It started with a kickstarter campaign…that exceeded expectations.

Then came the writing…the day to day to day grind documented in a slew instagram photos – I’m writing a book, here’s where I’m doing it today.

A space for writing

In a cafe eating – no wifi – perfect for writing

In the home stretch

Then came more planning + celebrating hand in hand

…assembling the street team

the tangible result

Natalie Sisson’s work on her book The Suitcase Entrpreneur, continued promotion, the book tour, the connecting with readers…it doesn’t end… but as you can see – the secret formula was pretty darn obvious – consistent effort over several months of dreaming, planning, and WORKING her butt off to make it happen.

This is how business of any kind is possible.

Make the proof yourself. Don’t ask for someone else’s…

So – I think you all get that I’m talking about Natalie Sisson here… The Suitcase Entrepreneur who shared it all in a book by the same name. I’m declaring Natalie the very first honorary member of the Fearless Launching community.

Practical Application

If you thought Natalie’s book launch was the only reason I made her an honorary member of the Fearless Launching community – sit back and keep reading.

The book itself from page one to the very end is a great demonstration of the process of getting your idea out into the world.
Here’s a quick rundown of the steps that stood out to me…

Proof of concept
Before you start any venture or get in too deep – it’s important to know that someone else has a similar idea or had success with a similar idea that you do.

Nathalie not only lays out different case studies that show she’s not the only one, but shares the exact how to on how each did it.

She gives you her proof of concept as you’re reading the book. This works. Here’s Why.

Make a plan + keep an eye on the vision
Natalie is a planner like no one else I know (well, except for me!). She starts with her clear objective, works backward, and then takes action immediately all while maintaining a clear vision of where she’s heading.
Take any of her courses, attend workshops, read this book – and you’ll see she expects the same of you too (that is … assuming you really want it).

Pick the tools for the project
She picked her tools and gives you detailed accounts of every little thing she uses to make it happen.

I thought I knew all the tools to use and I was WRONG! Though I’m not planning to work on the road any time soon, I figure if they can work for her – they will definitely work for me.

Hire your team
And you’ll notice – that though she shares where to find great people for your own freedom lifestyle, she’s clear about how much work she does. There’s no 24-7 dance parties with a 1 minute call in to people running your business for you. You’ve got to be part of that team.

Have hope – It Can Happen
If there’s a common thread throughout The Suitcase Entrepreneur it’s hope…hope mixed with bravery and perseverance. You’ve gotta want it, believe that it can happen, and then take action to make it happen–over and over and over again.

I’m a mom – with a pretty standard 1 location lifestyle – and even I started dreaming and thinking of ways to give myself and my family the “choose freedom” lifestyle.

Be Practical
Make no mistake – while there’s a ton of hope, lots of spirit, and loads of how amazing your life can be in this manual… Natalie only shares the most practical useable – DOABLE tips. How to run your business, ways of making money, how to pack for travel abroad, what you need set up before you start…

So – please welcome Natalie as the first honorary member of the Fearless Launching community. She embodies everything that this program stand for – and I’m celebrating all of her achievements today!

Grab Natalie’s book The Suitcase Entrepreneur TODAY people…

And stay tuned for more member stories from inside Fearless Launching.