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Today’s episode of the Fearless Launching Show takes us into the “you better do this before you do anything else” category.

No groaning or whining…just come along. I promise it won’t be as boring as it sounds.

I’m a huge fan and lover of systems. Especially since systems in your business (and life really), well, they just make everything easier.

I sat down with business systems expert Val Geisler to see if we could find a new way to look at systems and maybe make the topic a little more appealing–especially to those of who are artists underneath it all.

We get into a whole bunch of topics including:

  • Why even though Val is a huge fan of beautiful things…she lets functional win when necessary.
  • 85% of Val’s decision making surrounds this one thing when choosing a tool in her business
  • What the “5 love languages” has to do with building systems and Val’s business
  • The main reason why you should you focus on your systems before you launch.
  • Val’s everyday system setup – the tools she goes back to again and again.
  • A sweet google mail hack that I should have known but did not!
  • The systems that usually need the most help for the majority of entrepreneurs.
  • Questions you need to keep asking yourself as your business evolves…
  • A surprising huge mistake that many new business owners are making – this one was shocking to me!
  • Thoughts on straddling two email service providers – why you’d do it, what are the challenges, and what are some other reasons you might do it!
  • Her secret to feeling more confident in her business…it’s a person we both know and love.
  • our shared mantra and tweetable…about following blueprints and making systems.

Connect With Val

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A Few Things Mentioned In This Episode: 

Google Docs
Systems Finishing School
17 hats
Acuity Scheduling
Erika Lyremark
The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts

Your Turn

I’d love to hear how you’ll apply this to your next launch or one that you’re working on right now!  How will turning your focus to the more visible, public timeline help you decide what to do “next” as you work through your master launch to do list??

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