I realized something recently about the way I run my business, but my friends (who also run businesses) might laugh when they see this.

And I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing…

But it is A thing.

I run my business like a launch.

This shouldn’t be a huge shocker…since most of my work surrounds launches in some way.

But knowing how stressful launches can be, I had to ask myself…”um Anne, why are you in launch mode 24-7? And is that really the best way to run your business?”

Some people might tell me that I shouldn’t be “launching” all the time.

And the truth – I’m actually not…

However, I have taken some of the biggest launch lessons I’ve learned over the past 5 years and turned them into my SOPs for my business (Standard Operating Procedures).

I’ve essentially lifted the key parts of all of the product launches I’ve managed–Marie Forleo’s B-School, Laura Roeder’s Creating Fame, Jonathan Field’s RevolutionU (among many more!)…and made it the way I operate.

And it’s been working…because the proof is there:

  1. It got me to 6 figures by the end of my first 6 months focused 100% on my business.
  2. I’m not doing it with a full-time team.
  3. I’ve stopped working 12 hour days.
  4. I’m able to volunteer at my daughter’s school every single week.
  5. I recently even gave up doing 1-on-1 client work!

Time, freedom, family plus an income for my family is why I do what I do. And all of the above hits the mark for me.

So – I run my business like a launch. And while that sounds stressful (well the launch part), it actually isn’t.

I’ve picked only the best and most important lessons working on 5, 6, and 7 figure launches…and like I said, I’ve turned those nuggets into the way I run things on Team Samoilov.

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One More Thing

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