send better emailsI don’t care who you are…every single business owner or online entrepreneur could send better emails.

Communication can be challenging when you’re first starting your business or marketing new products.

You’re not sure what to say, when to say it, how to say…

And then there’s the question of sending emails and how many to send…and how often.

Overwhelm and worry can set in fast…all the sudden you’re unsure, insecure…

Add a launch to that anxiety and you’ve got a recipe for you might feel immediate

You’ll question every email you send, worry you’re scaring people away, get angry when people don’t respond and more!

So what’s the cure for this email worry…and how do we write more effectively as we lead up to a launch?

Today’s episode is all about the big E when it comes to online product launches.

Sending email is an art, it pushes buttons, can bring amazing value to the reader, help companies market their products, but there’s another side to using email! It can cause a lot of anxiety–especially when you need to send MORE during a launch.. So, today’s 5 tips will help you not only write better emails, but you’ll feel better when you send them too!

1. Write & Schedule Your Emails In Advance

There’s something about having a space between when the email is written and when you push send. You’re less self conscious, you’re less picky about how it sounds…and if you have someone else do it, it’ll be even easier!

Try to write those emails in the thick of the launch and you’ll sound even more stressed than you can imagine. People will feel your — “I hope this works!” energy right away.

2. Send 1 More (I know it’s a bit scary)

Sending too many? Too Few? Not sure? Send at least 1 more than you feel comfortable with the intention of reaching people who didn’t see it yet!

You’ve got your emails outlined, written, and scheduled. Good job. Now look for 1 more email you can send–during the close or a price change works the best!

Not sure people are paying attention? You’ve got to send more. 1 more email. 1 more social media message, 1 more outreach to your partners to share, one more email to a potential someone who was interested but not able to attend live last time. Always – ask yourself – what one more thing can I do or send?

3. Stop Looking In The Mirror

Detach from yourself a bit and focus the emails on who you are sending them too! NOT YOU!

A simple script shift can really help you feel great about what you’re sharing. Instead of saying – are people annoyed with these emails I’m sending, you will start to ask – did I share enough value and information about my product to help them make their decision.

Instead of saying – I’m sending this email here, and here and here, make the email the start of the show – this email is going out today, then another follow up in 2 days…it’s the email’s fault if someone isn’t happy!

Keep yourself out of the mix.

4. Ask A Question

If you’re not doing this already – start doing it…at the end of every email, make sure to ask a question…your email will have a clear purpose (not only to you but your readers too!).

Honestly, I love sending emails with questions…it really does make it more about the person receiving it and you needing their input. You get taken out of the equation. It’s about finding out more from them.

No question? Then ask yourself – what is the intention of this email?

5. Find Ways To Add Variety

Make sure there are emails that are short, longer, selling, content only, send at different times of the day.

Don’t send 10 page essay emails every time you mail out. Short, long, formatted, with images, and text only.

People glaze over when they see the same thing every single time. Shake things up and try to send more or less and at different times a day!

*Bonus: Segment Your List

You can also start paying attention to who is clicking and interacting on your emails. How about segmenting your list and only sending what they are interested in?

If you’ve got an email system like Convert Kit, Ontraport, or Infusionsoft, you’ll be able to tag people based on their interaction with your emails. You could start your launch with a simple email with 3 links. Click the link the best describes you.

Later, you’ll be able to use these 3 categories as WHO you send your emails to!

You won’t have to send each and every email to every person!

Also, what’s great is even if you don’t have a system that helps you “tag” people a certain way, you’ll have different categories of people you can easily send emails to if you have:

  • Webinar registrants
  • Webinar attendees
  • VIP or interest list
  • Your main list (everyone)
  • Newlsetter list
  • Podcast subscribers
  • People who open
  • People who don’t open
  • People who click
  • People who don’t click

So, you won’t send to everyone if you don’t want to – you should be able to segment fairly easily.

This is especially great if you’re planning to promote affiliate products and other partner promotions.

If you want to get more tips on sending the right emails during a product launch, check out my free 5-day mini-course about the 5 emails you should send during your launch.

Let’s Wrap This Up

Have you ever worried about the emails or communication you send out during your launches? If so, try one or all of the above suggestions to remove that not so great feeling from the mix. Launches are hard enough to pull off — why add extra anxiety into the mix!

If you’d like to learn more about writing emails for your launch check out these additional free resources AND consider joining my signature course Fearless Launching where you’ll learn about the ins and outs of launch communication and so much more!