Business growth is a funny thing…

One day it feels like you’re making leaps and bounds forward…and then others you’re not sure.

You might even feel like it’s going in reverse!

Sometimes it’s hard to stay inspired and keep yourself moving forward, right?

There are lots of reasons you might start entertaining this idea or wondering what’s going on. Maybe…

  • Your last launch didn’t go so well
  • You feel bored
  • You’re not sure what to do next
  • Maybe you’re having a tough time getting back to work after a vacation or time off
  • Maybe your daily business just looks completely different than you “think” it should.

For me – the day to day of my business started to change…and it felt like all of the sudden I was doing a lot of different activities… all making me happy, no dip in revenue…but definitely different from what I thought it would or “should” look like.

One of the biggest changes is that I started seeing more one-on-one clients and taking one-off short term projects. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a different view of how business was supposed to grow in my head.

At that start, you might be encouraged to do one on one work, grow your following and then when you’ve got enough interest, step back to more scaled offerings like online courses where you teach more people instead of just one person at a time.

I thought, wait a minute, is my business going backwards? Am I supposed to go from teaching one to teaching many in order to scale? Am I doing this in the wrong order?

Today’s episode is all about choosing how you do business…and why what you think isn’t the right way, may be the exact perfect way for you to grow your business.

Plus – I give you 7 reasons you can benefit from making the intentional decision of going in reverse…and how it’ll keep you energized, excited, and inspired to keep your business going & growing!


Why Does It Feel Like I’m Going In Reverse?

So let’s break this idea down of growing your business in reverse.

Why would you go back to trading time for dollars after you start building courses that serve many at once?

Sure you’re reaching less people if you choose to do this…

Yes – you can scale your business if you’re reaching more people at one time.

But hear me out – Because in my experience…taking on private clients, getting back into the trenches helps me gain clarity in my business and offerings.

So for me, the cycle is so clear now… It looks something like this:

I teach courses a few rounds, maybe for a few years… but then want to go deeper and crave connection. I really want to connect again, so I start offering free sessions for people. Some of those free sessions turn into one-on-one clients.

My energy and connection starts to refill again – I’m feeling really good, really clear…

Then…not surprisingly, in no time I’m ready to go back and teach/share/provide value to many people at once again.

I feel like that’s a constant kind of flow for me–I start craving the weeds of someone else’s business. Sometimes I like teaching people what’s been going on, what I’ve learned as a result of doing my own launches, working with other people, seeing what their results are. But you can only teach so much when you’re in a group situation.

Working with someone closely gives you such an opportunity–to clarify and understand the value you provide to people.

Why Coaching Is Never A Backwards Step

I’ve talked to some people who would never go back to private coaching.

Of course, someone who’s got a thriving business serving many people through courses, products, etc. > will feel like coaching is a step backward.

I would challenge you to look at how you’re doing business, and ask yourself if you were not doing something because you’re afraid that it’s a step backward.

Offer something that is no longer in your shop or on your Work With Me page. I get that it takes a little bit more time and energy, but I also feel like the value that you’re providing and the connection that you’re able to make with some very specific person will really help you renew what you already know about yourself, your business, your product, will help you maybe improve all those things.

Plus, you just might discover a new thing that you really like to do in your business…

You’re Invited

So, that’s my story and why I’m offering longer term coaching again.

I’m able to dig in, really become partners in someone else’s business, figure out what they need, give them feedback when they need it, really get in there and be another champion for their business.

Even as you grow, even if you’re over the million-dollar mark, you still need that perspective from outside forces.

Final Words & Let’s Review

Watch for the signs. Your business might not be going in reverse just because you’re doing things in a different order than other people. You don’t necessarily have to never coach again. You don’t have to just take that off your roster. You can go back to it anytime you want. In fact, it helps you gain clarity. That’s the first thing.

Talk to you soon!


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