Real Life vs. Having It All

Are you are trying to do so much, reach so many goals, make big life changes, start your dream job, build your business, give your children the attention they deserve, remembering all those to dos…that it’s you’re having a little trouble getting (& keeping) things straight? Welcome to the club.

I think we all go through it. And we’re going to keep going through it.

You know how well everything seems to function when your house is clean, your kids are happy, your work is done, and your spouse even notices the spring in your step.  You want more of those moments.

But how do you get from the initial overwhelm to this toe-tappin’ utopia?  Is it all just about cleaning your house? Or something deeper?

The one thing that gets me to my chill zone fast is listening to other women going through the same thing that I am.  So remember last week when we talked about relationships? Well, it’s time to build a few more…or learn about a few people that have the same struggles you do.

It happened not once, but twice last week when I spoke to three different women building their own businesses with children in tow…and it happens any day I talk to my dear friend Louise who lives a world away.  All I need to do is speak to one of them or even to a woman I don’t know but who’s starting a business, writing a book, raising a kid, trying to do it all…and it brings me to a peace knowing I’m not alone.

So this week, you’ll hear from a few women who have families, work from home, have their own business, play many roles in their lives…and are still plowing forward — excited and happy for the future ahead of them.

My hope is that you’ll see some of yourself in their stories and walk away with some real world actions you can take to start having it all.

Tomorrow you’ll hear my interview with mommy White Space goddess Sarah Burns.  She has some amazing tips to share with you and you won’t be able to stop listening as she shares her secrets for keeping it all together (plus an inside look at living in paradise!).  She’s one of a long list of my go-to mommy’s when I’m feeling stuck…and I know you will love her!

Today’s a good day to take out the list you made during week 1 and remind yourself how many things you just “have” to do.  Can you remove any yet?

Leave any questions or concerns you’re having, since I know this week could be a game changer for many of you.  If you are a mom, busy woman, or both, then let me know what your biggest challenge is and why you still struggle with the notion of “having it all”.