I’m super excited today to share today’s interview.  Sarah Burns, The Ohana Mama and my dear friend, sat down and Skyped with me about how she balances a crazy schedule, kids, creating a product, enjoying her life in paradise, and working for online entrepreneur Laura Roeder.

Here’s a taste of what you’re going to learn today…

  • How Sarah Keeps A Positive Outlook
  • Why Moving To Paradise Wasn’t So Fun At First
  • The Systems Moms Must Start Applying To Every Part of Their Life
  • …and Sarah reveals her ultimate white space fantasy.

I’ve even made it easy for you to find what you’re looking for…cuz Sarah and I can seriously talk for hours…especially on this topic of staying sane, balancing all aspects of life, and the fun of being a mommy.   We jam about everything under the sun — including how working for our girl Laura Roeder makes us so supremely happy that we can hardly contain ourselves.

Listen here:
[audio: http://akmill13.s3.amazonaws.com/whitespace/theohanamamaintv.mp3]


Here’s a little breakdown of the topics we discuss:
What’s on Sarah’s plate?
Sarah’s #1 Priority 4:00
Sarah’s Positive Outlook 4:30
New Mom Blues 5:20
Moving To Paradise 7:01
How to work at home with toddlers 11:49
Starting a business with kids 16:40
Money and the “Happiness Factor” 19:31
How Sarah Finds White Space 23:44
Moms should use Systems for your life & your biz 31:24
Sarah’s ultimate white space fantasy 35:51
Why You Must Stop Comparing Yourself to Others 42:23
The Best Stress Reliever 48:00

Here are some of the people and things we mentioned during the call:

Carly Knolbach
The Mogul Mom
Startup Princess
Mompreneurs Online
Google Calendar
Iphone ICal

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Sarah Burns rocks the work-at-home-mom scene from gorgeous Maui, Hawaii, where she handles client relations for a social media marketing company and is in the midst of bringing her her own product to market, Tag a Towel.  You can catch her ‘parenting dispatches from paradise’ and her tips on exploring Maui with kids, on her blog The Ohana Mama.