I couldn’t get enough of the sweet, simple, and amazing Melody Granger, so I asked her to share some more of her genius when it comes to creating white space.  You’re going to love her guest post if you are a mom, entrepreneur, busy woman, or all of the above.

Since the beginning of starting my business in 2003, I’ve gone through so many changes on a personal and business level.  Along the way have been highs, lows, bumps and bruises – starting over in a new city, losing everything to a hurricane, husband losing his job, my business changing as I changed, and my children growing up faster than I want them to.

Running a home, family, and business under one roof is extremely demanding.  Thankfully for me, I am in the business of helping others de-clutter, clean out, and organize their homes.

I can honestly say that if I was not acutely aware of how small and large amounts of clutter can negatively affect you on an inner level, then I may not have fared as well in my life.

Actually, I should say that if I were not acutely aware of how clean, clear, spacious areas can amazingly positively affect you on an inner level, then I may not have fared as well in my life.

The emotional and physical results that my clients receive have been a huge part of my personal motivation and inspiration to keep myself living with lots of clean, clear space.  It feels wonderful and keeps the energy around me uplifted.

I should mention how much of a confidence boost that living this way can do for you.  It’s majorly huge!

You have probably noticed that you show up differently in your own life when you are in a well-cared for environment that is free of clutter.

Clutter is simply items that are hanging around your home that have already served their purpose for you.  Most of the time we hang onto these items even though we have them packed up or stashed away and don’t even use them anymore.

I’ve noticed that the more time that has passed without using these items, then the easier it is to let them go.  If you have used something recently and you have no intentions to use it again (because you got what you needed from it), you may find you have a hard time letting it go.

There can be many different reasons for this.  That’s okay.  You’ll be able to let them go eventually.  Just be careful of hanging onto an overabundance of things.

When I see women trying to get a business off the ground or take things in a new direction (even their own lives), but they are spinning their wheels, feeling stifled, stuck, or second guessing themselves, then the best way to unblock the flow is to clean out your physical space.

When you clear out your physical space, then your inner space seems to clear out, too.  I believe this is because you are taking things away.  When you take things away from anything, it leaves you with fewer options.

Fewer options means more focus and concentration.

I challenge you to create space in all of your closets in your home.  Keep your favorite things – the things that reflect the activities you really enjoy doing at this time in your life (or you want to do in the near future!) and make sure they truly match your personality and style.

Make decisions from your heart, not your head.  The what-ifs will bombard you.  Be warned that you may feel a pang of letting some things go.  If it is a strong pang, then you be the judge on if you will survive without it or not.

You should also be warned that as soon as you get rid of some items, there is going to be a time when you think “I could have used that!  I knew I shouldn’t have passed it on.”  It happens every time.  I’m not sure if it is our subconscious looking for opportunities to use what we passed on or what!?!  The great news is that you can probably figure out another alternative.  And most likely, that’s what you would have done anyway had you kept the item.

The less you have to care for, then the easier it is to keep up.  Also, the items that you do use will be easier to access and put away.

Don’t take up all your available storage space.  If you line up containers, then leave a small gap of space between them, if possible.  Make sure you can wiggle your hanging clothes.  Leave a space between your folded clothing if you have them stacked on a shelf.  These are examples of how you can create more space.

As your family, business, and yourself evolves then you must keep adapting to the changes.

Part of adapting is letting go.  You must let go to grow.  I didn’t understand that at first, but I live my life by it now.  It works like a charm.

Don’t take my word for it.

When you find yourself stifled, stuck, restless, or confused about life, then start cleaning out your space.  Let things go.  Create more space and watch what happens.

Melody Granger is a writer and professional organizer coach. Melody infects others with the de-cluttering & organizing bug. She’s a barefoot, jean wearing fool who is addicted to sunshine and the outdoors. If you’re ready to eliminate clutter, simplify your spaces, enjoy a beautifully organized home, and want more time and energy to go after life, visit melodygranger.com. You can receive The 21 Ways to Find Time for free. Your life is just beginning to get even better. Are you ready?