If there’s one thing I’ve learned while trying to build a business, a blog, support and manage projects…sometimes you have to get away from it and get your butt some training. Too much time in your head is what leads to overwhelm.  You easily lose perspective of your value & expertise.

Anytime I get the opportunity to attend a conference, workshop or event where women living and breathing some of the same goals as me will attend, I’m there.  I know that just be making a commitment to attend an educational event for myself some obvious side effects will happen:

  • I’ll see I’m not alone
  • I’ll learn something new to apply to my life or business (duh!)
  • I’ll start to see that I’m already an expert

In fact, as you read this I’m in Northern California at 4-day conference called Experts Academy Live with my mentor/boss Laura Roeder. Even though we’re working while we’re there, we are definitely spending most of our time learning new strategies and getting new inspiration for the business we work in together.  And likely, we’re learning some lessons relate-able to other parts of our lives too!

Getting out of your normal environment, taking actual time away from your normal life to learn, connecting with people who might someday be partners, that’s the way to jump start your business…but not only that…you are going to return to your family renewed and MISSED LIKE CRAZY.

The last time I went out of town for an event, I was nervous, anxious, unsure why I was going or what it would offer me. I even wrote about my struggle to get on that plane!

Now I’m not saying I’m all jumping up and down this time, but there’s a difference. I know what I’m going to get out of it on so many levels… and I’m open to all those possibilities.

Your turn: Take out a sheet of paper and brainstorm some events, workshops or conferences that you want to attend this year.  You might need to do a little web research.  They can be work related, maybe an interesting speaker, maybe a class you’ve wanted to take.  It doesn’t matter.  They can be local or ones that require travel.  Try schedule at least 3 events in your calendar for 2011.

If you already attend educational events on a regular basis, please leave a comment below and tell me how you felt & what specific benefits you experienced as a result!

Have a great day!

Anne 🙂