Knowing When To Turn It Off

The beauty of white space is that when you need it, you take it.  And today, after a long day of learning, being inspired, coming up with tons of creative ideas, I’ve decided that today’s white space lesson will be a simple one….

Knowing when to work and when NOT to work are equally important.  If you don’t create some boundaries of when and how long you will spend doing your “work”, then eventually that’s all you will end up doing.

What does that lead you to?  Burnout. Period.

Now, you may be thinking you have a long to do list or that you barely got anything done today and need to catch up.

I say phooey.

Work isn’t everything.
Turn off the TV.
Turn off your computer
Turn off your cell phone.

Unless you are curing disease or saving lives, no one needs you to be available every second of the day.

And if I can’t convince you to unplug for even a moment, then I’ll direct you to a post that I know you will get a ton out of from my dear friend and coach Marie Forleo.  Check out:  How To Avoid The Biggest Source of Business Stress. Marie’s one of the White Space goddesses who really started me on my white space journey and if you are looking for ways to clear stress in your business or life, you gotta check this post out.

Read it and then please for the love of god, turn off the computer.

At least for 20 minutes….