We're all guilty of knowing how to do something the “right way” and then just not doing it.

This goes for the food we eat, the work we do, the relationships we choose to engage in, and the thoughts we think.

For example, even without a degree in nutrition, we know that eating McDonald's is not healthy.  We know that be a constant complainer doesn't lead

We know that eating more vegetables and less processed food is generally the best practice for getting healthier.

Likewise, we know that if something in our life keeps NOT working, we should probably stop or change our approach to that thing.

You know what you need to do start living the life you want. We all do.

You could probably think of one or 2 things right now that would actually put you in an awesome mood and lighten your whole flipping month…

Take the vacation I just got back from – Denis and I have needed this vacation for several years now.  We knew that. We knew that we weren't taking time off enough – giving ourselves a break, spending time as a family…

Lots of things were holding us back — fear of traveling with a little hellcat toddler, constantly thinking we didn't have enough time to do it, you know…TOTAL BS reasons.

Now that we got over our own hurdle, we both realize that taking time away — just the 3 of us –is essential to our mental health.  And we're already planning the next adventure.