So – it’s nearly March.  You’ve probably been planning your launch for a few months, am I right? No? What about the one after that?Not even a twinkle in your eye yet? You mean you didn’t spend time planning your first launch of the year back in November? (I KID I KID…)

Okay – I know it’s a reality that many people wait until the last second do all their Christmas shopping, study for exams, order flowers for mother’s day…but launches?

Not a good idea.

Let’s turn over a new leaf (since it’s almost Spring) – and stop the launch cramming.

What will happen if you KEEP just on cramming and don’t start planning:

You make less money.
You burn yourself out.
No one wants to work with you
You’ll be running your launches alone
You’ll make unrealistic launch goals that leave you disappointed
You quit.
Your home life will deteriorate…
These are just a few of the easy to remedy side effects from taking the time to plan your next launch.
Who wants to change things up for the rest of this year? I know I can’t be the only one raising my hand.

So – listen – I get that planning launches isn’t fun…and if you’ve tried to put dates on a calendar only to pass them by with no launch in sight, then no wonder you shy away from “writing it down”.

I also understand how it feels to follow strategies meant for someone else’s business…only to be let down when they don’t work.

Taking action is a skill you have to learn.  So don’t be so hard on yourself. You’ll get there. All you need is a little accountability and to be around others taking action. It’s like a good virus that spreads.

And trying on other people’s strategies – that’s also totally natural when you’re starting out your business. But – once you learn to use your own voice, figure out what your people need and need to hear, you’ll realize that those strategies were only meant as jumping off points.

Planning and strategy are the cornerstone to how I launch. And I want you to see how I approach it – because it could be the turning point and push for you to develop your own launch style.

Let’s do this

Now – one last time – are you ready to create a plan you stick to AND a strategy that feels more like YOU simply talking rather than a strategy? Then – let’s get this party started!

Create a solid launch plan and personalized launch marketing strategy that you can implement in six weeks or less!

Creating a launch plan is a very straight forward process and the strategy that goes along with it only requires a few key things. And I’m going to give you my whole approach and process to do both so you can do it yourself in this totally free workshop.

I’ve designed the workshop to be just enough content and just enough YOU. We’ll chop the hour down in half and spend part of the time me presenting the material and then the other half YOU asking the questions – about launching, business, whatever you want to know…

I know I asked ya once, but I gotta be sure here…are you ready to make a launch plan you stick to AND follow a strategy that you design for YOUR business?  If so, let me know in the comments below OR over on my Facebook page.