We’ve all been there.

It’s the morning your launch opens.

You “un” redirect your sales page and excitedly send out the “we’re open” email.

Your preloaded social media messages trickle out during that first day. You wait – hopefully for the first, second, and third sales to come in.

And maybe you get some, maybe you don’t.

But – after that initial open – and perhaps a few more emails, maybe some other “launchy” content.  What do you do to make sure your launch isn’t a bust?

In today’s episode of the Fearless Launching Show I’ll be sharing 5 simple actions you can (and should take) if people aren’t buying your offering.

There’s a little of hustle involved.

But more than hustle – you’ll see that you need to start taking action.

A launch is NOT a passive event where you open the doors and hope people walk in.

You need to (these are the cliff’s notes!):

1. Bring people along for the journey.

2. Ask people you trust for help spreading the word.

3. Make sure people know you’re actually launching – share more.

4. Personalize it – answer people’s questions when they ask them.

5. Reach out to your biggest fans and ask them if they want to join. Yes I mean it.

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