Creating a promotion plan for your next launch is important.

You probably know that.

I mean – a launch in itself is a ginormous promotion in itself.

One of the most important pieces of preparing for a launch is identifying the strongest channels where new eyes will come from… that’s why you have people hustling to get podcast interviews, write as many guest posts as they can — it’s all in the hopes of reaching more people who will love you, what you’re offering, and click buy.

But how stressful is it to complete the task of writing 5-10 new guest posts and then hustle (and hope) to have them go live in a frenzied burst the week your launch opens?

Is this really a good idea to leave this big PR push in the hands of someone else? 

Today’s podcast covers this topic as we explore the different approaches to creating a PR campaign.

Brigitte Lyons is a media strategist with a passion for helping people get their messages out to the world. She created B – a boutique PR agency to work closely with cause based businesses and people who have something big and/or important to share with the world.

In this episode we talk about everything from her beginnings in the PR world, how she shifted her business from the group online course model to building her agency and working closely with clients…and she even shares her super simple ways to – find the right places to get “press”, how to create content easily, and how far in advance you need to be planning your outreach if you want it to impact your launch.

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Here are some of the highlights of today's episode:

  •  Brigitte’s journey from a course/education business to boutique agency
  • How B (Brigitte's company) came to be!
  • The person who nagged her to consider taking on one on one clients again
  • Why teaching courses will always be a part of her business
  • Who is the infamous Maggie??
  • 3 questions Brigitte and Maggie ask and answer before taking on any new client
  • Using your launch as a motivation to start getting the word about your business
  • How her Content Remix strategy makes it easy to create outreach fast
  • A few simple strategies to find places to get interviewed, guest post and get bigger placements
  • What you need to know about measuring results from being in a bigger, more traditional media site, magazine or tv show.

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