Welcome to my refreshed new site.

It’s been a long time coming.

And I’ve been resisting it for a long time…but longing for it all the same.

When I saw the first mock ups for the new look – I did squeal. A Lot.  I felt that same burst of energy – simply from painting 1 wall in my bedroom red.  I remember that feeling… And I felt it again.

So come on in…

It’s the same space – with a fresh coat of paint and you’ll get to see me make other changes to it over the coming months.

Ready for your own makeover?

After a long weekend away at World Domination Summit – I knew that today was the best day to unveil my new site.  The changes and process have been so profound to me, yet I know that for you – they might not be terribly jarring.

So – today I want you to think about your own business, site, projects, focus… and ask yourself if there’s an area that needs a makeover.

There are moments in life when you decide to step out.
Be who you are.
Sing louder.
Say what you mean.
Walk in the room with a little more swagger.

And if you want to create a business – you need to do this OFTEN.

It’s uncomfortable and can make you seriously squirm. SERIOUSLY.

To you – you are making these big, obnoxious steps.  People will laugh, point, stare.

The truth?

Like any new mommy knows – no one hears your “baby’s” scream and cry like you do.

Remember that.

Take those actions that make you excited, uncomfortable, and know that they are only magnified by your fear.

I started working in my secret lair with my secret designer on this new secret redesign of this site. And it took me a long time to embrace even new color choices – even 1 new color choice.

So today – I ask you to think about something you’ve been meaning to shout to the world. 


Thanks for stopping by!

Take a look around – let me know what you think.  And stay tuned for some new features on the site, the relaunch of Fearless Launching, more expert interviews and much more!