Do you routinely let others look at your work before you hit PUBLISH?

Believe it or not – until a year ago, I hated showing my work to other people, until I realized the value and benefits that it gave me.

Sharing your work, allowing them to question you, evaluate and give you suggestions…is one of the only ways I know to grow quickly and get better at telling people what you do.

Sure it requires you to drop your ego to the floor and be objective about your work and NOT take someone’s words personally.

But don’t the benefits outweigh the risks?

This week alone, I shared:

**A brand new offering with several people I trusted – I was able to improve and simplify everything about it and hit publish by TODAY.

**A plan for a dream project with 2 people who would shut me down if it sucked – I ended up finding a potential partner and cheerleader in both!

**My plan for adding new content to Fearless Launching 2.0 (coming at the end of August!) – and discovered a renewed excitement for the course and delivering to the people already inside!

Like Chris Brogan said a few weeks ago at World Domination Summit:

“Solo Acts Never Win.”

This one hit me hard – so I decided today I’d share a look at the lessons I learned from people who shared their work with me.

During the first round of Fearless Launching – I asked everyone to write out their launch plans and list the outcomes they were hoping to achieve and invited them to be part of a hot seat session on our live Q & A call.

Throughout the session, many recurring themes kept coming up — things people were struggling with, questioning, and just plain wondering how to do. Plus – a lot of the same mistakes and problems were evident just by looking through how people thought launches happened.

Today – I’m giving you a peek inside those themes in the hope that you’ll learn as much as I did! And perhaps you’ll be off and running to plan your first or next launch.

4 Launch Problems – Solved

Problem #1: Unrealistic Planning

“I’ve got these 3 launches that I want to do in the next 3 months and I’m pretty sure I can get them done.”

> Pick one item on the list and focus.
> Especially if it’s the first launch – consider the easiest one to execute and with the likelihood of doing well.

Problem #2: Small List + Big Shame

“I’ve got a small list and am feeling mad list shame…can I really launch something with my small list?”

> Focus on your current list + understanding what they want.
> Choose a “launch” that focuses more on list growth as the primary outcome.
> Begin today providing consistent communication to your list, on social media, and people who email you.
> Acknowledge each and every person who gets on your list – while your list is small this is really easy to do!

Problem #3: When To Leak Your Launch

“When should I start telling people about my launch? How do I start talking? What do I say?”

> Just do it. Return emails. Talk on social media. Add p.s. to your emails.
> Blog posts – write mini topics related to what you’re launching – almost like micro topics within your product or that your product solves.
> Talk about it out loud to real human people. It helps you get your offer, your pitch, your “thing” together and out of your head.

Problem #4: To Launch Or Not To Launch

And a FINALLY – one of the biggest problems I see over and over again is people not thinking what they have to offer is launch worthy. They see the big, visible, fancy launches and think, “I can’t do that!”… as if that is the only way to launch.

Reality Check (cuz that’s all you need on this one):

You can do a big launch with videos, affiliates, sales page – or you can do a series of webinars with partners sending people directly to the order form – or you can publish a series of posts with links to an offer page.

You decide how big, small or complex or simple you want it to be.

Instead of saying,“Should I launch?” Ask yourself,“What type of launch should I do?”

If you have something to share with other people – and you are building a business – you gotta launch.

Want your launch in the hot seat? Check out Fearless Launching or work with me one on one.