If you’re in the online product creation business – or want to be – then staying top of mind and being a memorable experience is what will separate you from the tons of infoproducts that collect dust and are forgotten…

So listen up coaches, online entrepreneurs and educators looking to package programs and products based on your expertise. This episode is for you!

There’s this idea spreading around the online business landscape that says anyone can package up their knowledge and sell it.  And while that’s true – in order to stand out – it’s important that your training sticks with your students.

I mean – think about it.

Out of the online courses, ebooks, programs you’ve purchased during the last year, which ones do you remember and then specifically – what do you remember from that one course?

Marie Forleo’s B-school > Profit Clarity, Customer Avatar exercises

Creating Fame > Do Guest Posts, Do What Laura Roeder Says

Blog That Converts > Focus on Blog Archetypes like your super power solution or a spotlight post.

So – I am a nerd – so I look for the ways to take action and learn something on a course. But there are plenty of products I’ve purchased that I did not go through and do not remember what I learned.

Can you say that is true about your own product with complete confidence?  Do you know what your customers will remember after they leave your course, finish reading your book, or stop working with you?

Today’s guest is Karen Sergeant of the Sunny Patio Project. She’s got some interesting and powerful takes on how to create training programs people remember when it matters most.


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