Every single launch presents the same problem or challenge to most entrepreneurs. How do we reach more of the right people this time?

I even made this my Q1 theme – reach more right people.

It’s hard to stand out online.

I know that.

Or at least it can feel like that way.

The core problem comes in when we try to reach a large group of people, lose sight of who actually needs what we’re offering, we end up trying to speak to a too large pool of people who – don’t know us, don’t trust us, and are likely not going to buy from us.

Sometime before the 2nd launch of Fearless Launching – I was having a hard time figuring out how to make sure the program would attract the right people.  Instead of freaking out or trying to guess – I made a quick move to interview some of the people in the first round who I knew would be straight with me.

And that one thing led to me being able to raise the price of the program and find even more of the right people when I launched.  This extra step put money in the bank for the launch.

While I’m not saying – if you know your peeps that your launch is guaranteed to succeed, it’s a huge first step in avoiding these 5 common online launch errors.

1. Ignore and/or DON’T EVEN BOTHER to find out what your peeps want.

In some ways – this is the biggest offense of someone launching a product online. If you didn’t spend the time watching, listening to, and asking your audience what they’re struggling with, then is your program going to solve anything close to what they need solved? (phew! That was a long sentence!)

If I just launched Fearless Launching over and over again without continually playing detective and making sure I know what part of launching is most challenging for people, how could I possibly know what overwhelms them?

If I had never read an email, heard a peep or read a conversation thread in a Facebook groutalking about the challenge of putting together a launch, do you think I would have created the program at all?

Ask yourself: Am I absolutely certain that what I’m offering/launching is something that clearly solves a specific person’s problem or challenge.

2. ATTEMPT to do everything all by yourself.

I’ve heard it all… I can’t afford it, I like to do everything myself. I don’t want to manage people. I don’t NEED anyone else.

And then what happens – well, those goals that you set, the plan you made gets left on the side of the road as you struggle to put out as much as you can.

I’ve been the person to say all these things. But I’ve slowly stood up to myself and brought people in to help me. I realize that the idea that I could do everything is like a director on a feature film thinking he or she can be the lighting team, all grips, all actors, and even the caterer.

I challenge you to get help in some form – someone that takes something off your plate. A few good places to start? Tech, Design, and even customer service.

Imagine spending a few hundred on someone to handle social media makes sense during a launch – from writing to scheduling.

Imagine handing off the entire website design and backend programming to someone who can do it in half the time (or better)…

Imagine not having to read all the inquiries that come in during a launch – including the not so nice ones. Your emotions are raw enough sometimes as it is – why add this to the mix. I call customer service the crazy-maker for entrepreneurs. Never read your own customer service if you can help it. It will make you crazy.

Click here to learn more about hiring guide inside the –> Launch Toolkit.

3. DON’T FOLLOW your amazing, solid launch PLAN.

You put all your launch tasks in a list, you gave yourself realistic deadlines, you made a complete map for yourself so that you could pull off a stellar launch.

So what happened?

If you’re like most people I know and even myself left to my own devices, you’ll veer from the plan once, then twice, then pretty soon that

beautiful plan is gone. Buh-bye.

Don’t let yourself off the hook. Getting someone to help you stick to the plan is an amazing first person to work with. I’ve got a bit of a taskmaster on my team…and because of her, I’m producing at a level I didn’t think I was capable. I’m still doing a lot of the “work”, but now she’s reminding me when I need to get it done. I have someone to answer to.

Lesson: Find someone to answer to on a regular basis…it’ll be the best thing you ever did for your next launch and for your business. And – make sure your plan is truly as solid as you think it is.

4. FORGET TO MENTION it to enough people….

You created an amazing video series – but aren’t quite sharing it enough on social media or even your blog (or even by emailing your list!)….

You share the launch content posts – but only a few times a day and ooops you didn’t remember to put the last one on Facebook.

Mentioning your launch enough is a big problem. And you might fight me on this – because there is something to talking too much and being that annoying person who doesn’t shut up about their launch.

But usually – you’re the only one thinking that.  Just because you’re annoying yourself, don’t assume that you’re even a blip on someone else’s radar.

If you’re paranoid that you’re mentioning things too much – find different ways, different mediums, different times – to share that you are launching.

The clue that this has happened…you get about 5 emails the day after your launch (or the week after) to say something like, “Were you just launching ______? How did I miss it?”

I’ll tell you how…but I think you already know.

5. DON’T deliver what you promise + people noticed

Okay – so I said number one was the worst offense, but this one could be tied for that top spot. You offer bonus upon bonus, module upon module, and live this, live that… and then most of it disappears … never to be heard from again.

If you promise to give something to someone – give it to them. Puh-leeeease.

Promise broken = Trust broken.

The Fearless Launching team is UBER sensitive about this so we are always going back and saying, did we get everyone covered? Did everyone get their bonus?

I know that even if not everyone ends up never using that bonus – someone will.

And if you’ve been on the receiving end of forgetting to claim a bonus – you know what it feels like.

But the worst is when you get called out for not delivering on a promise.

Lesson: Only offer what you know for sure you can deliver. And if you forget about a bonus or something that you included in the offer but just didn’t get to – OWN UP to it and then deliver it.

So…question time: are you convinced that you should break the cycle of making these common errors that most people who’ve launched anything online have committed?

If you answered yes….

Why not share a few steps you’ll take RIGHT NOW to make sure your next launch shows up as more than a blip on your audience’s radar?

Credit: Icons found by a lovely accident and HAD to credit them to the first designer I ever worked with: Charlie Pabst of Charfish Design. Thanks Charlie! 🙂
Special thanks to LKR for totally inspiring this post: 5 ways to run a mediocre business.