Make Your Plan Public

Happy 2012!

I had a long, slightly somber article all written for today, but it just didn’t seem right to start with a downer on this first Monday of the new year.

So – I’m breaking from my norm to ask you a “simple” question…

I’m so excited and ready to do some big things this year…and I’m wondering, are you?

Do you have any plans for the year? Any big dreams that you’re finally going to go after?

Well, there’s no better first step than laying your plan out in front of you and making it public.

What do you say? Are you ready to make your plan for 2012 public?

I’ll go first:

I’m going to create and launch my first live program by March1st! {oooo that’s kind of scary…but I like it!!}

Stay tuned for details on this one–but if you’ve been holding off sharing your big idea, amazing website, your product or have been afraid to launch your business to the world…you’re going to love it! Β Don’t let me off the hook – I need you to make this happen!

Now You:

If you are ready to out that big goal you think is maybe just a little too big for your britches…here’s the perfect place to get support, ideas, and take your first step.

Ready, Set, Go!