Hi and welcome to AnneSamoilov.com.  I’m Anne and today I wanted to share with you the answer to a question I’ve been asked a few times over the past 6 months since I changed the tagline of my site.

What the heck does make room for your revolution mean?

Well, grab a coffee/water/beverage of choice, then hit play on the video below…and I’ll tell you:

So, here’s the first thing you should know about this site and me. They are bound. They are one.

I believe we can’t somehow divorce ourselves from the art we create — even if we don’t believe what we’re creating is art.

I believe that everyone has a greatness inside them. A revolution. Something they were meant here to do and give to the world.

And I believe even the small revolutions are important to the world.

So – even if your gift to the world is one of patience and understanding…the benefit to the world and the people around you is HUGE.

I believe that you have a dream inside you that you haven’t had the courage to let out yet.  Maybe you think it’s too simple or worse, you think it’s a “stupid dream”.

A stupid dream?  I don’t think those exist.

We all get caught up in living – in the making money, survival mode – and those are important places to be – but not the only parts of true living.

Are you caught in that trap?

If you are or suspect that you need to make some space for your dreams – then you really are in the right place.

Big shocker – I believe in following your passion, doing work that matches your strengths and interests, and truly enjoying the small moments in life.

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If you’ve been coming here for awhile – then welcome back!  You’re going to love the changes that are coming for this site.

Before you close this page – answer these 2 questions for yourself:

  1. What’s your revolution?
  2. Are you ready to make room for yourself, that revolution, and the amazing life waiting for you?