The Top 12 posts of 2011

Happy Holidays! As we near the end of the year, it’s a good time to review all the things you’re proud of, grateful for, and happy happened this year.

So – here’s my way of celebrating another year of blogging and building my life offline and only.

I wanted to do a top 10 list since my friend and mentor Heather over at The Mogul Mom shared her top 11. Thanks for the inspiration Heather!

Here are the top posts from 2012 – make sure you check out the ones you may have missed! I firmly believe that our brain passes over lessons and information we don’t need…until we need it…Scan the list and if any title speaks to you – click click click and read!

  1. New E-Book: The White Space Solution
  2. Celebrate Your Wins to Boost Your Productivity + Gain Momentum
  3. 4 Secrets To Maximize Your Time
  4. Why You Shouldn’t Resist Your Strengths Anymore
  5. Getting Started Takes Just 1 Step
  6. 3 Lessons My 3 Year Old Taught Me About Perfection
  7. Getting Over Your Personal Gulag (What are you enduring?)
  8. Are You Waiting To Be Chosen?
  9. The Girl Effect: A Chance To Give and Live
  10. Money and the Happiness Factor
  11. Finding The Right Amount Of Space + Time To Take Care Of Myself
  12. Letters To Myself: The New To Do List

But wait – there’s more…

Check out 5 posts you may have missed – these are a few of my faves. They really speak to what this blog and me are all about.

  1. Why are you working so hard?
  2. What’s The Best Way To Set Goals For The New Year?
  3. How To Drop Your Goals With Grace
  4. The beauty + strength of knowing what you need (and asking for it)
  5. Getting More Done: Why Your Productivity Depends On How You Behave

Leave a comment below telling me your favorite…OR let me know if I missed one that you enjoyed!