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Today’s episode features Hilary Rushford – style blogger, stylist, and now entrepreneurial guide + strategist…and author!

This lovely has so much energy and insight to give, even seasoned business owners have something to learn here.

What I think I like most about Hilary is her story and how real it is–the journey of discovering the corporate life was not for her and how she went on a mega self-learning business school pilgrimage to figure it all out.

She’s driven, smart, and really funny too!

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How to and how to NOT launch your first book
  • How far in advance did Hilary start prepping for the launch
  • The exact launch team that evolved during the launch + who she wishes she would’ve hired first
  • Why she chose to do an interview series + a blog tour as her prelaunch content
  • What she’d do differently if she could do it again
  • The types of products she sells + how she manages to serve two often different audiences
  • And…we crack the case and share our favorite brands (clothes, people) and why

Connect with Hilary:

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4-Part Entrepreneur Cocktail
Sign up for her Honor Society (fashion or biz)
Style and Styleability free video series (only available for a limited time!)

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