Raise your hand if you wish your email list was bigger?

I’m fairly certain almost everyone feels this way at pretty common intervals in their business. Logic tells us that a bigger list is in our favor to generate more sales, more clients, more people – more money.

And to some extent this is true. One way to increase revenue is to serve more people.

But is email the only way to reach more people? And is it possible to launch without email?

My guest today has been in business a very short time, but she’s been building an audience since 2009…but she hasn’t followed the model of building an email list, emailing them every week, promoting through email or even sending launch emails.

Alexis Giostra (a.k.a. MissTrenchcoat) has built a thriving community that tells her every single week what they want in the comments on her YouTube Channel.

Not only that, she’s used the platform along with her other social media main squeeze to sell digital products and even launch her recent coaching program using nothing but these two platforms.

Sounds intriguing right? I know it was for me!

If you’ve ever felt like you had no one to launch to or that you just weren’t into email marketing…well, you’ll love my interview with Alexis.

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Here are some of the things we cover in today’s episode:

  • How she made the leap from making videos on the side to quitting her day job and become a full time blogger.
  • The video that showed her she could make money doing this
  • The story of her amazing growth on YouTube from 1k subscribers to 20k subscribers and how most of that growth has snowballed in the past year along with her 1.6 million views!
  • The exact steps she took to launch her first digital products
  • Her two favorite platforms to promote her business
  • The big surprise that came in the mailbox from Google
  • The one piece of advice she gives beginning bloggers or hopeful business owners

And finally she talks about her very recent launch of a brand new coaching program called Empire Building. She shares her launch strategy – how she’s rolling the program out and why even though she knows she needs an email list, she still doesn’t have one!

Connect with Alexis

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Additional Resources

The Launch Walkthrough – Even if you don’t want to send emails during your next launch like Alexis, you do still need to understand the steps to launching. This ecourse sends you a launch to do every single day for 33 days…all the way from naming your offering to closing your shop (if you choose to do that).

The Launch Toolkit – Start planning your launch today with this FREE toolkit that shows you how to take all your launch ideas and turn them into a strategy you can actually implement.

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