Launch Mistakes

Whether you’re dreaming about your first launch or you’re more experienced…you probably know that mistakes will happen.

In fact, based on the number of times I’ve written about mistakes, you probably can see all the challenges that could crop up when you’re putting together a product launch.

Truth is – mistakes like these are common to any project with lots of tasks and where we’re hoping for a specific outcome–whether you’re launching something or not.

Whenever you’ve got people, tasks, things to create, technology, strategy, and communication involved — things happen.

Today’s episodes reviews some of the most common mistakes you might make at every stage of your business…what to know, how to avoid them, what to do if you make them, and why they happen in the first place.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

Launch Mistakes That Can Happen At Every Phase Of Your Business

Here’s what we’re covering in today’s episode:

  • Why no one is immune to mistakes even if other people seem to be having perfect launches
  • What to know if you’re about to launch for the first time
  • How to shift your launch-mindset from mistakes to action
  • Are you making the same launch mistakes over and over? If so, here’s how to stop
  • The four areas to focus in order to reduce the chance of “mistakes”

If you want to learn more ways to improve your launch by looking at the potential downfalls, well, my friend I’ve got you covered! 

Watch my new launch masterclass here to learn the super simple process to launch your products and services:

Over the years I’ve identified different things you might be challenged with, mistakes you might make–the visible ones and the more internal mistakes.

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h9 Launch Mistakes You Haven’t Heard Before + Why They Can Haunt Your Business For Years

Launch Mistakes: What To Do When Things Go Wrong (Because They Will)

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