Imagine this: you’re planning your launch, getting things done, feeling great about your progress, and then it sneaks up on you…the launch comparison monster.

You’re handling your business … you not only feel effective, you are actually BEING effective.

Then along comes a bump in the road you didn’t expect.

Someone who’s a few steps ahead – or let’s be honest – a few years ahead of you in terms of where your business is – how beautiful their launch looks, just everything about them is the better version of where you are…or at least that’s how it feels.

A few weeks ago I had a few random blows to my ego which left me weakened and questioning my abilities and value in the world.

Before I tell you that story though – and let you share a few insights – what happens when we start to compare ourselves to others.

Insight #1: We forget who we are

We make up stories about how that person got to where they are… and somehow forget that we’ve lived a whole life full of experiences that have nothing to do with the person we’re comparing ourselves to.

When you start to look at yourself or your business in the reflection of another person, you start seeing a skewed version of yourself….

You cease to see reality.

So get your head out of the clouds and look at your own reflection to regain perspective.

You are where you are where you are. For better. For worse. Life and all your achievements have led you here.

Insight #2: We forget why we’re doing this

We let other people’s dreams, ambitions, plans, action mask what we’re doing – like that’s the path we should be on.  It’s happened to me many times – throughout college, watching friends pursue big dreams, where I looked at what THEY were doing and thought I should be doing it too.

I’ve switched majors, moved to new cities, changed jobs… all because other people were doing it too – not because I stopped and reflected on whether it was the right decision for me.

It took me awhile to realize that I needed to keep my eyes on the Why – thank you Simon Sinek – even just thinking about the title of your book helps me remember that I do have a why and allow myself to be energized by that!

Comparison Backlash

Now, I have always surrounded myself with people who are doing big things – in their lives, in their businesses, people who have energy to spare and live BIG.

But sometimes this tendency to surround myself and lift my own energy up with that of others work has a backlash effect.  The same people who inspire – can wipe it all out when I start to compare myself to them.

And recently, I almost let it happen again.

I could have swirled down the rabbit hole, lost myself in the common — “I’m not good enough thoughts”… but kept nudging myself back to the two insights above…which I’ll nail home again.

Simple truth. Let’s review it again…

>Who are you and what are YOU trying to share with the world?

>Why are you doing what YOU are doing?

So the next time the wave of envy, comparison, whatever you want to call it washes over you, don’t resist it, but instead interject…whisper your questions directly into the turmoil…

You’ll emerge from what I call your ego-bath feeling more confident, empowered, and able to reveal another layer of yourself to the people you’ve been serving all along!

Take A Minute Now

Has this ever happened to you? Have additional tips for sticking to your guns and not allowing other people’s progress to hinder your own?


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