If there’s one thing I see over and over again – it’s people complicating the processes in their business.

Let’s take launching…

Here’s some of the reasons you may have not launched yet:

  • You don’t have the resources to do a fancy 3 part video series (or so you think).
  • You’re not finished creating your 6 module product.
  • You’re don’t have ENOUGH subscribers.

All of these make it very easy to fall into the “I’m not ready yet” camp. Each of these excuses can kill your business.  You miss out on one of the best ways to grow and focus your business.

Here’s what I mean.

Look back at your blog or site or work that you’ve shared with the world in the past.  If you’ve been doing it for more than a year, I bet you can see growth and improvement right?

Maybe your writing got better. Maybe you started covering topics that people cared about.
Maybe you simply found the right audience.  Maybe you just got better sharing your work with other people.

Improvement is inevitable (most of the time) if you just keep at whatever it is you do – and keep striving to be better.  This is a natural state for most of us. We want to be better.

So the best way to get better at something is to start doing it.

Launching is no exception.

Launch to a small audience and you get to practice juggling the many pieces to a launch.  Even with pre-launch content that includes blog posts and emails, you learn a lot about all the pieces that must be in place for it to work.

Fearless Launching 1.0

I launched the first round of Fearless Launching in February this year.

I did 4 blog posts, 1 webinar, some follow up emails, and social media. No membership site. No full affiliate program. That’s it.

My results were exactly on target with my goals.  I wanted a small group that I could get to know, understand what they needed and then make the course even better.  I wanted to use what I knew about launching to teach them – give them as much personal attention as I possibly could – and it worked.

And yet – I made sure the launch was so bare bones – that it almost didn’t feel like a launch (well, to me anyways).  You see, I’ve been used to bigger, more complex launches on Creating Fame, Marie Forleo’s B-school, and Laura’s recent LKR Social Media Marketer. So – going small felt weird.

But on those other bigger launches – I had a team working with me to get all the pieces together.  In this scenario – I had me, and a few other people scurrying to put things together.  So – we kept it bare – on purpose and for our own sanity.

Cut to this time around – I added some videos, there’s a membership area, an actual sales page, and all the materials in the program have been updated.  More to come on results – I’ll reveal them in a big launch post mortem in a few weeks!

Watch this video where I show you inside the Fearless Launching members area and then I’ll show you what it used to look like!

The point of all this?

You can start small – start with exactly what you have right now – and go through the process.  The process is what takes time to learn, to adjust, to figure out how YOU will launch.

Your first one will give you a nice foundation on the process – teach you the main parts in a launch and show you where you can make improvements as you do your next one!

If you’re ready to start putting together your first launch – if you’re ready to stop taking course after course and not making a big splash with your business, I highly recommend checking out my Free Launch Essentials Toolkit.

Looking forward to reading your comments and finding out where you are on the path to that first launch.  I suspect all you need is a little push…