(a.k.a. Did you know you can make or break your launch even before your cart is open – simply by pricing your product correctly?)

We’ve all been there.

You’ve got a great idea for a product, but you’re just not sure how to price it.

Choose a price too low and your launch will end up looking like the cheaper not so great version of that product everyone’s been talking about.

Set your prices so high that even YOU wouldn’t buy and well, that’s not a good place to be either.

So how do you find pricing perfection?

How do you get to that spot where you feel confident that you are still giving amazing value for a price that matches and that you know the audience is going to buy?

I sat down with Joyce Washington of The Common Cents to talk about this phenomena of finding that sweet perfect price…

Listen in and you’ll find this certified accountant by trade talk about some pretty high concept (non-number) topics related to pricing.

Joyce Washington is also one my experts inside Fearless Launching who can hold your hand through the pricing part of your launch. She’s someone to watch because she steps out of her accountant world a lot and knows what it takes to make the right offer at the right price.

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1. Are you struggling with pricing any of your products or services?
2. Do you wonder if what you provide as a service or training is valuable?
3. If so, what price feels right regardless of what the market tells you it should be?

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