When people start to think about taking their business, blog or hobby to the next level, they often think about how they will launch that idea – how they will make it real. They often ask:

How do I know if something is ready to launch?

What IS a launch?

What type of launch should I do first?

Is it a launch if I don’t accept money?

When can I consider my launch a success?

What launch goals should I set?

When is something a launch and when is something just a marketing activity you do to promote and grow your business?

My view of your business, marketing, promotional activities is all the same – when you take on a project and then commit to releasing it to other people.

That is a launch.

The project can be an online product or service, a new blog or relaunch of an existing blog, or a series of posts mean to grow your list.

And you don’t always have to get paid for it – I know you wanna get paid, but this is reality.

When you shift your thinking beyond the very visible guru style launch – you’ll realize (and hopefully embrace) that any concerted and committed effort to get a piece of value out to the world should be called a launch.

If you need other people to see what you’re doing, buy it, comment, interact, engage, join, subscribe – call it a launch.

You may not see your new site as a chance to “launch” something.

You may not see a first time launching a program as a trial – it’s a real full fledged program to you.

And you might wonder how you can launch and relaunch something without getting burned out.

All these questions and concerns are totally valid.

So – I made you a little video walking you through the big launch types, answering the question what is a launch… and how to decide which one is right for your business.

What type of launch is right for your business right now?


Don’t forget – to start making that idea a reality – grab the Launch Toolkit which has the resources you need to plan out your first launch (and then some).

If you enjoyed this training – you’ll love Fearless Launching – which will teach you how to go through any type of launch for your product, program or online service.  This online program-meets-mastermind and kick in the pants will not only help you figure out what type of launch you SHOULD be doing, but keep you grounded in reality about all your launch goals.

Have a great day – and here’s to getting your first (second and third) idea out to the world.