Listen + Love + Deliver

Ever had something you love to do or give line up PERFECTLY with what someone really needs?

When that happens – there’s only 1 thing you must do. Yep – only one action to take and to take fast.

Deliver Baby. Deliver!

My Listen + Love + Deliver Strategy In Action

So – a few weeks ago I wrote a post about planning a year of launches that hit a nerve with many of you – how do I know it hit a nerve?

Well – You told me – in emails, on FB, tweets and retweets…in the comments.  There was no way I could miss it!

I asked if you were interested in learning how to plan a year of launches that doesn’t leave you exhausted.

Many of you expressed struggling with end of the year exhaustion, lack of motivation, and no real clarity or plan for the new year.

This is an all too common feeling many entrepreneurs get not only at the end of the year, but also at the end of the month, end of the quarter…and end of the day!

One sentiment came loud and clear to me – you need help planning all those ideas, deciding which ones to shelve, and how to make sure you don’t end up here next year!

One in particular stood out to me:

“I have plenty of exciting ideas but no time or energy for implementation.  I hope that the end of this year and early next year brings me clarity about my physical business and gives me room to get back to my dreams and plans.“

Sound familiar?

SO you asked for it – and I was dying to give it.  That equals = PERFECT opportunity for everyone.

The Opportunity to Deliver

Next week – probably your last semi-normal week before holiday-slash-end-of-year season really gets going – I’m holding a free live workshop.

And you’re invited to this exclusive end of the year training session:

Are you ready to beat launch exhaustion in 2013?

In this hour long meetup, we covered the following topics (and more I’m sure):

  • Is it possible to run a thriving business and NOT be totally exhausted? 3 case studies that provide the answer.
  • Why you and your audience are exhausted and why it’s no good for your business.
  • Simple actions you can take right now to make sure you don’t get here again next year
  • 3 strategies to plan for a year of productive, profitable and NON-EXHAUSTING Launches.

Plus – I’ll share something that could stress-proof your business next year – and it’s all about putting at least one product on autopilot and 5 steps you can take right now so it’s ready to open in January.

Enter your name and email below – Register to attend the workshop live or get the replay – OR BOTH:


**Now…leave 1 specific question in the comments below that you’d like me to answer during this non-planning planning workshop.

See you next week!