What launches are on your radar right now?

Are you considering buying something or simply watching how someone else is doing it?

Every single day someone’s about to launch or just finished launching or is currently launching something big, life changing, business evolving, the one course to rule them all.

Feeling a little overwhelmed and wondering how you’ll stand out in the crowded launching landscape?

If so, then ask yourself a few more questions?

Are you listening to your audience?

What are they saying?

Do you know what you stand for – what your values are – and if you’re communicating those clearly enough to your audience (or soon to be audience)?

It’s in those questions where you can find the real stand out – remarkable qualities of your business.

I wanted to dig deeper into this topic, so I called up the values-driven Tara Gentile.

A few words come to mind when I think of Tara –

…impeccable, elegant, real, knowledgeable…intuitive.

I think you’ll know what I mean once you listen to our conversation which starts on the topic of launching and then meanders to the art of listening to your audience, establishing yourself as an authority, and back again to how it all relates to the importance of your first launch.


“The Launch is about people not about the numbers.” – Tara Gentile

You can find more about Tara at taragentile.com and also check out her site scoutiegirl.com.

Now it’s your turn.

Leave your biggest takeaway from my chat with Tara – and how you’re going to apply it immediately to your first launch.

And if you’re ready to learn how to launch your first paid offering online or offline – scurry over to to FearlessLaunching.com to find out how to do it!